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Fixing a fraying relationship between UX and Dev [closed]

I will start off by saying that I know the best way to defend design decisions is not to. That's what data (quantitative and qualitative) is for. But the product I'm working on doesn't have that. What ...
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Price Tables: what's the best position for "Best value" option on even grids?

Is there a documented 'best position' for highlighting the 'best value' or 'recommended' option in a table with four columns? In tables with 3 or 5 columns, the best placement is typically the center. ...
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Is it a good decision to include monospace fonts in UI?

I'm working on a blogging platform which have a community of writers. In the first iteration, I paired a monospace font with a serif font for the entire platform because those two fonts are most ...
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Best placement for action buttons on product comparison page

I'm trying to decide the best place to display action buttons for the user. The user’s main goal is to monitor products in their current and track for better options. The user is comparing products on ...
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How to represent nested If-Else blocks in documentation?

I want to document a process that has some nested If-Else decision steps. The documentation must be printable, so I don't have a lot of space for proper left indentation to represent the current level ...
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Displaying items or unit for purchase conversion in game

Consider a game where you collect items of two sizes, A represents 1 unit (normal), B represents 3 of the same units (Special Golden item). When the player runs out of time, the panel indicates your ...
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How to guide users to the correct download?

I'm new to StackExchange and found this page because I have an unsolved problem: We have several products. For this we offer two setups for download. One is for some sort of file synchronization (...
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Patterns for designing a "chooser" site

I've been tasked with building a "chooser" website which helps users find a service (or maybe more than one) that helps them solve a problem, in a domain they're unfamiiar with. Problem The basic ...
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What are the key aspects to consider in a first meeting with the decision maker?

A new project is starting, 8 people are forming the board of decision-making. They have high expectations regarding the user experience - yet, they do not seem to have a strong experience with a ...
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design for the savvy user or the 'stupid' user

When brainstorming features with stakeholders i commonly come across 2 kinds of reasoning 1 being this is feature is so obvious that the user will get it, maybe because they use other apps. The other ...
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Interactive or graphical representation of decision trees

Looking at coming up with some new concepts for decisions trees that can be used/adapted for both mobile and desktop views of a web application. Just wondering if we have evolved from the classic ...
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5 answers

When voting, should the positive option be on the left or the right?

On my website, users can vote on whether they like or dislike various things, and then they can write either positive or negative opinions. Historically, has positivity been associated with the right-...
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3 votes
2 answers

Button positioning for Negative, Neutral and Positive actions

I'm in the process of putting together a style guide for a web application, in particular, a section about buttons (it's visual weight, position and labelling). I'm almost there, I've done a lot of ...
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2 answers

"Create new" VS "Add to exisiting" what order

We are introducing a new feature for our customers. By clicking on the bokmarking symbol the user is able to save an item to a list. The user starts out with a "default list", but may create as many ...
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Deciding to swipe a card right or left cognitive load?

In a mobile swipe interface in which we can have 2 actions from the user: "Don't care" / "Like", it seems deciding and swiping in a direction left/right takes some cognitive load, forces the user to ...
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2 answers

Is it better practice to put a negative button on the left and positive button on the right? [duplicate]

I have a newsletter that includes a question at the end. I created two buttons. One is YES (the one I want people to click) and the other one is NO. I put the two buttons side to side and I'm not ...
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18 votes
4 answers

The calling the shots dilemma

This is a quote from an interview with a product manager (PM) expressing their concern regarding UX practices in their company: one thing which always failed is that we didn't define who has the ...
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