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Questions tagged [data]

Numerical or other information represented in a form suitable for processing by computer.

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Correct column order of comparison data table

I need to design a table where the user will have to approve new values. The table will show two old values and the difference between the old and the new (the percentage represents the difference ...
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Display accessibility reports in a concise way

The following is meant to be full screen on a website like a dashboard. I have accessibility reports for different webpages. Which gives accessibility scores and mark them as critical or serious and ...
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Do you get differentiated data from Google Optimize A/B test with multiple user targeting variables?

If you target test variations for your users with Google Optimize will you get differentiated values for those variations such as mobile, tablet, location and so on in one single A/B test, or we just ...
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Encouraging users to 'group' very large data sets

We have a product that requires users to import large data sets (100+ rows) and then 'group' those datasets into buckets within the product. This is part of the set-up process so that they can start ...
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Clarifying a simple list of data changes

On the left side I have a list of (currently) 3 items. These items have their own list of changes on the right. See screenshot: This represents "new data --> [position]". The application ...
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Filter all the data - big data load

I'm creating a platform that has a lot of company data, around 200,000 companies with 1000 branches each, so it's a lot. When we load the platform we usually don't show anything until we have loaded ...
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How to show number of outcomes per filter applied? [advanced filtering]

I'm working on an advanced filter for a data platform containing many thousands of rows. My filter is split in to categories, which then have various options for the user to select. I'm looking to be ...
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Refresh button in addition to 60 second auto refresh?

This may be an obvious question (I'm hoping so, since I'm new to this), but I haven't found an overall rule of thumb for this online or in this forum. In a data table for large data sets, the auto ...
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Visualizing Data Hierarchy and Inheritance in a Multi-Layered System

We are working on functionality with three layers of data hierarchy, where data and settings are inherited or 'inherited' from higher to lower layers. This indicates a parent-child relationship within ...
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