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Selectable (flat) columns from tree structure

I have source fields in tree structure and target fields in list structure (target is for grid columns). Now when I move parent node to right, what should be ideal way to handle it? should that be ...
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Designing trees out of lists?

On a web tool that I'm working on, I need to allow the user to navigate through a flat list of data and create a tree out of it. The user is a backend admin who is trained to use the tool. Example I ...
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Should the checkboxes for selection be aligned?

In case of hierarchical grid displaying nested data with selection checkboxes on the left column, should the checkboxes at parent and child level be aligned vertically in the case when the child rows ...
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Tree values in a table

In my team, we are working on a visualization of a tree structure on a table. The current design looks like in the picture: The user can only see the closest tree branches but not the further ones. ...
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Checkboxes – how to select parent only?

I have a large list of items like this: Parent 1 – Child 1.1 – Child 1.2 – Child 1.3 ... Parent 2 – Child 2.1 – Child 2.2 ... where every element has a checkbox. I want to be ...
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Best way to represent product catalogue?

I'm designing an interface used to configure a product catalogue. There are packages with sections, groups, sub-groups, products, prices and tariffs. The current implementation uses a classic tree ...
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Text around a circle

I'm working on a radial tree. There will be nodes on branches and leaves of each tree, with text next to it -- using this model on d3. Now, I realize that it is very neat that they managed to ...
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Nested data in a Grid or Table - how deep is too deep? [duplicate]

I’m reasonably sure we all have that love/hate relationships with grids or tables when it comes to nested data. Over the years I have grown intolerant of anything below one level down, and work ...
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How to best represent a network/graph using a tree

I have a data structure that is network-like or graph-like. Most of the time a tree is sufficient, because it can fit into a tree model, but sometimes the branches can fuse together. If you want to ...
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Selecting an item from a hierarchical tree

First and foremost this is a web application. Basically I'm looking at the concept of editing a record. Each record is tied to a tree node path. I'm kind of at a loss as far as what would be the ...
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What is the best way to implement a Data Tree component in an iPhone application?

I need to port some website components to an iOS application. One of those components being a Data Tree. Is there a way to implement a Data Tree component in an iOS application or is there another ...
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