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For questions about dark mode or dark theme, i.e. the ability of some websites or apps to be displayed with light text on a dark background, which decreases energy consumption and is less disruptive for sleep.

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Why are dark themes uncommon in e-commerce? [closed]

Most websites I come across either use a dark theme by default or have the option to switch to a dark theme. The main exception to this I have found is e-commerce. All major e-commerce platforms (...
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Creating a Dark Mode

A lot of my colleagues work in quite large companies and have created some very robust and large Design Systems, however, they always say that they haven't quite determined the Dark Theme color ...
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Color palette for direct sunlight research [duplicate]

I've seen lots of discussions, articles, and papers on dark mode palettes over the years. Haven't seen much in the way of optimizing for ultra bright environments. Looking for research on the topic if ...
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Is having a light theme necessary?

let me just preface this by saying that this question stems from my lack of knowledge about others' opinions regarding this matter, so the only prior knowledge I have is my own preferences. So, I use ...
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5 answers

Can I Avoid Using Complete/Pure Black Background Color For Dark Mode?

I am creating a webpage that deals with toggle dark mode. I am not sure if I should avoid using complete black background color for dark mode. If not, what color should I actually impelement my dark ...
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User defined pallete for web pages

When the web browsers first came into existence, it was possible to override the intent of the web designer. There weren't too many settings. You could locally control the color and font of the text,...
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Dark mode - dark blue instead of dark gray/black?

My company’s app currently doesn’t have a dark mode and we’d like to support that. When I was reviewing my dark mode palette with my fellow designers, they weren’t so keen on using a dark gray ...
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Why red and blue boxes in close proximity seems to shift position vertically under a dark background

For me (wearing glasses) the red box below appears to be slightly above or below the blue one, depending the angle I'm viewing it. Some of my colleagues don't see it and some do. Not all wear glasses. ...
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3 answers

Are there current standards or guidelines regarding dark themes / dark modes?

Many people are starting to realize that they prefer what is commonly called "Dark Mode" or "Dark Theme". That is, light text on a darker background. As such, developers are now ...
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2 answers

Burger menu with dark mode for responsive web

I am trying to make a website with light and dark modes. On small screens I am using a hamburger menu. When I click outside the hamburger menu it closes, to indicate it I change the opacity and in the ...
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Why was Dark Theme created?

Hello guys so I was wondering if there was a particular reason or study/research of why was Dark Theme created. What's the value for the user of having a Dark Theme UI?