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Design of an open/closed interval selector

I have a idea to make an "open/close interval selector" to select the value range such as "[0,24)"or "[-1,1]" in mathematics. [0,24) means "Greater than or equal to ...
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Multiple filters for different reports

I am building a user control where the user can set a bunch of filters and then display a report based on those filters. Example of reports: sum of sales grouped by customer, detailed list of ...
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Native or custom look and feel for desktop applications [closed]

I am currently writing a library to create desktop user interfaces, and I am asking myself a question: is it better to have a native look and feel, or a consistent custom look and feel? I personnally ...
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Is there a good example (and name) of a floating button which appears between rows/columns?

I'm imagining a way of inserting a new row or column, where when the cursor approaches the outer vertex of a row or column (where the divider meets the outer edge), a button with a + appears allowing ...
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Is there a better solution for picker control on iOS

I'm doing a form field on an app and need to included a drop down at the end of some of the text fields. For the android version I'll be using the material design standard as below. for iOS, they ...
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Native or custom drop downs in forms?

Native and custom drop downs used in forms provoke a variety of feelings from UX designers and web designers. I would love to hear your thoughts, and pros and cons of either. Personally I like ...
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Slider control when there is no maximum value

I'm trying to design a control where the user can enter a figure that has no maximum value. For example, how many miles that person wants to travel that year. There's a text field there for direct ...
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Fling cells in table view

I'm currently working on a concept that allows user to "fling" table view cells in the reordering process (you can watch my short demo here). I have broad experience with iOS apps but haven't seen ...
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Preventing users from closing browser tab. Bad idea?

I have a customer who wants to add one of those annoying JavaScript alerts that prevent users from closing a browser tab to make them a discount offer. You know, something like: "are you sure you ...
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3 answers

Textbox with addon selector

My users need to input a number. For this, I would like a control that is a textbox for the numerical input and a section on the end of the textbox that indicates a default unit of measure, similar to ...
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How do you deal with very long dropdown values?

Usually, dropdown menus are made as long as their longest value. However, that works well only for dropdowns with a predefined set of values. How can we deal with a dropdown that receives its values ...
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4 answers

How to deal with tab overflow of dynamic tabs?

Tabbed interfaces where the number of tabs is up to the user employ different solutions for the point where tabs of the default size no longer fit on the screen. Google Chrome begins to reduce the ...
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19 votes
6 answers

Custom rating slider

I have made a custom interface object to handle user rating in a take-away app I am currently building. But I am not sure if it's intuitive enough in its form. Q : Would you understand an object ...
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UI for multi-select with at-least-one requirement?

I have a field for which the user may select multiple responses, and is likely to be implemented as a drop-down with checkboxes. The user can select one, two, or many from the list of options. We're ...
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Examples / best practices for dropdown menus with checkboxes [closed]

I'm looking for websites with good examples of a dropdown with checkboxes. I know that the gmail labels menu is one, but I'd like to see some more. General best practices are also very welcome. Is ...
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Skipped vs Unknown indication

I've got a form where you can make some stuff become arbitrarily unknown and some stuff become skipped based on the way you answer the questions (there is some overlap, things can be both skipped and ...
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ui controls for [closed]

i have been using the basic toolkit that is provided with VS 2008 I am currently looking for UI control toolkit from third party. I am basically concentrating on Gridview, treeview, textboxes, ...
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Any examples or suggestions for working with timelines [closed]

I'm going to be writing an application that needs to handle linear work flows. For simplicity, there are two types of entries: Events: A trigger condition that allows you to move forward. It may ...
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Best way to display numerous dates on a data form?

I've got the task of finding a way to display numerous (10) dates on a data entry form. They pertain to the dates that certain paperwork was received, acknowledged, evaluated, etc. All the dates are ...
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