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a CTA (call-to-action) is a user interface element, typically a button, that invites the user to take a specific action as indicated by the label of the call-to-action element.

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CTA Intent - Complete the present task or proceed to future task?

I want to understand the real motive of CTA. Call-to-action, as it abbreviates, is it the action to be performed based on the present context or is it based on the future action that will have to be ...
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Whitespace viewport dependency (should CTAs be visible or not)

We've read few Q&A on this topic, also done the research but most of the articles says what whitespace is, not how to calculate it. When designing for smaller screens, should the whitespace ...
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Form button - After selection state

On my website, there's a short form where the users need to make a selection (Green or Red) and then submit their request. The currently applied method for the button state after making the selection, ...
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Pros and cons of making hero image clickable

On the meeting with website stakeholders I was asked why not make hero area clickable and lead to promotion page in addition to CTA button leading to the same promotion page? Since it never occurred ...
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Where I can put the CTA button in a process steps?

I'm working with a Process, this process has 5 steps. I don't know what's the best place to put the "Next" or "Continue" CTA button. I have 3 options: Top-right on the header, this options is ...
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CTA link should be opened in new tab?

I have built an new app and also for the same I have built the landing page as well. I have my primary CTA(Call To Action) button which is download this app on Play Store, which looks something like ...
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How to deal with multiple CTA for different applications linked on one page?

On the Capital One website, there is a component which has 15 different products/services with separate sign up and log in CTAs. This is a potentially confusing (or at the very least hard to scan) ...
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Duplicate CTAs - recommendations, pros and cons?

Hows does everyone feel about the solution below where there is duplicated CTA buttons at the top and bottom of a module? We've some data to show that both buttons are being clicked but is this good ...
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can you have duplicate Call to Actions (CTA) on a Page?

What is the number of duplicate CTAs that we can have on the page? For example, "Request for a demo". Can this CTA appear more than once? Thanks in advance. :)
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A good CTA for Augmented Reality function?

I am designing a consumer app for enhancing a museum visit. At the entrance users can use the Augmented Reality functionality to frame the exhibition poster and see a video overlay. How do you design ...
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Outline Button, how they affect UX?

With iOS 7 Apple used buttons with rounded rectangle borders (Outline Button). But, Apple has moved away from buttons with rounded rectangle borders. Because they found that kind of buttons decreased ...
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Best Practice - User Action in an Empty State

Is there an established best practice, backed up by research, that deals with an empty state with multiple CTA for the same action? For example, this empty state from Dropbox: There are multiple ...
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Default button OK or Cancel [closed]

What is the most preferable default button for submitting a form (like a login page)? OK or Cancel?
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