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a CTA (call-to-action) is a user interface element, typically a button, that invites the user to take a specific action as indicated by the label of the call-to-action element.

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CTA repetition - Is having CTA in nav, hero, and footer overkill?

This is a pretty common design. Theres a CTA in the hero and nav with the same CTA and when you scroll to the bottom theres also another CTA that says the same thing. It feels a bit repetitive to me, ...
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Enhance CTA base on Feature

I have a CTA on the Card. Behavior is open and Modal with 2 tabs as "Feature #1" and "Feature #2". Users can be flexible to config show only "Feature #1", "Feature #...
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Best way to show accepted item that applies to multiple inputs?

I wanted to get insights on the best way to show an accepted item.Suppose we have list of offers and one offer that applies to multiple lines ( mobile numbers) i.e XXX-XXX-XXX1, XXX-XXX-XXX2, XXX-XXX-...
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Top nav bar with only CTA's?

I've tried Googling, but didn't find anything concrete. What are your thoughts about the top nav bar of a volunteering platform containing only a sign in and sign up CTA and no other navigation links? ...
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How "buy now" act as trigger and drive into loop like "Hooks model"

Recently, I was trying to understand the 4 phases of the "Hook Model". Trigger, Action, Reward & Investment. From the study, I found there is 2 main category of the trigger. Internal &...
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Multiple CTA buttons (same link) in Email marketing?

Thoughts on having the same CTA appear twice in a short marketing email? One is in the main image (the whole thing is essentially clickable) and the second is after some copy on the bottom. They both ...
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