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CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, is a language used to control the presentation of HTML and XHTML documents.

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Creating an accessible, animated, and responsive navigation system

I've been struggling for the past couple weeks to design the perfect navigation (menu) system for my personal website which I am designing. First, I need a system that is completely accessible as I am ...
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How to deal with extra spacing with line-height when spacing between elements should be consistent

We want to design our website so that all elements are spaced 24px apart (paragraphs, form groups, header & content, etc.) and "related" elements (label & form field) are spaced 8px apart. We ...
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Cursor usage in different application elements

I am working on an application that is mostly used by desktop users. So I am trying to perfect the use of the cursor css-rules. First of all, I have read and tried to follow the practice of having ...
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