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distributing tasks to a wide user base via the Internet. Often used for very simple or repetitive tasks that can not easily or accurately be performed by a computer.

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Recruiting from a specialised pool of tester

Context: I'm working in a b2b software company. We have 2 specialised products, one is a facility management software, and the other is a document management system. Both softwares are on-prem. I'm ...
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What factors are the most influential in the usability and UX of a mobile app, that utilizes crowd sourced information? [closed]

When creating a mobile application that uses crowd sourced information, what factors influence the usability and UX. So in my case the information has already been crowd sourced by users of the ...
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What is are the main pros and cons using "usability testing as a service" solutions?

I came across a few articles (e.g. here and here) with a list of "usability testing as a service" providers, and was wondering if it's so great, why doesn't everyone use it? Is there a clear list of ...
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What motivates people to keep on sharing ideas, develop new concepts and innovate on online innovation communities? [closed]

I'm very interested in crowd-sourcing and online innovation communities. Currently, I'm conducting research on what motivates users to continue sharing ideas, developing concepts, funding projects and ...
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How to validate large-scale IA without skewing data? Crowd-sourced techniques?

I am pitching for a job that requires validation of the information architecture of a very large health and social care website of around 6500 pages. Here is my approach: Analyse existing research: ...
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