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Best way to select a city from a list of cities unevenly distributed among countries

I'm working for a company that owns restaurants in 28 cities distributed in 10 countries. The restaurants are distributed unevenly in the countries: in some countries they are present in many cities ...
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Select Country, Region & City on web

I need to pass this country, region, city selection fields present on an ERP software to cloud web approach. What are the best practice for this cases? Thanks
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Why do the Western European countries use the AZERTY keyboard? What is the historical origin of this layout?

Most countries in the world use the QWERTY keyboard. The Central and Eastern European countries: Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, ...
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Telephone input (+ country code)

I am asked to improve the sign-up process of a double authentication system. At one step there, we ask users to input their telephone number. Right now users have to click on the flag and choose ...
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Why do Indonesians forbid green? [closed]

I've recently discovered that in Indonesia green is forbidden. But I cannot find the reason. Can anybody help please because I'm just wondering that, when put into context, when green is and is not ...
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Should nationalities in an input be listed in country name or adjective form?

When designing a data entry form for entering information about a person or an organization (e.g. customer info, international business partners, etc.), there arises a question about the best way to ...
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Should a country name in a country selection list be the country's local name? [duplicate]

The other day I was browsing a German-localized website but needed to order something from their UK site. There was a country selection dropdown so I tried to use that one. I'm not fluent in German so ...
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Ux/ui design for different countries in the world

Cultures in the world have a different feel for ux/ui design, for example, europa look design as cold colors, latinAmerica look design as hot colors. Should one design for different countries?
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When is it acceptable to use flags to denote languages / localisation?

From the question here: Is it reasonable to use language codes in an interface? There's an answer here: which specifically states that flags should never be ...
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Best approach for managing country selection in e-commerce shop-front

We are implementing a e-commerce shop-front but we have an design challenge around which currency to show by default and how to get the user to tell us which country (currency) they want to see. The ...
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Best way to find and select a country

I am trying to find the best way to do a region-to-country selection on a tablet. We came up with two ideas: Show a world map with regions. Once the user taps a region, zoom in and show countries ...
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Country switch / selection on mobile site

I have found quite many discussions around country and language selection but none of them was mobile specific. So I'd like to open a new discussion around that ... I'm currently designing a mobile ...
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Red and Green meanings in other countries

I'm from the UK and at my place of work we have a webstore for the UK, France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands and each store has a "livechat" button at the bottom of the page that I have decided ...
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Navigation in long consecutive list groups within a dropdown

I have a filter bar that allows users to filter and one of the critteria that users can filter by is "Questions". These can be any of the following (and even more): Age? Country? Traveler type? How ...
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How Do I Show a Static List of Countries Without Using an Accordion?

I make a new web application. My web application shows the Country property with an accordion. I want to find a new way for showing this data. Because all countries, amounting to 190, is a lot of ...
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Placement of a Change language button

Where would you place a Change language button/Country selector (or dropdown) on a web page? In a footer menu or in a utility menu in the top right corner of a web page or somewhere else on the page? ...
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Which date format to use?

In an application when you are showing a date to someone (and you don't know their preferred format), what date format should you use? USA or Rest-of-the-world? For reference if anyone is not sure ...
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