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the art of writing promotional text to make an emotional impression on the reader, usually to encourage a purchase. Don't confuse with the [copyright] tag.

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And vs "&" in web text, which is better? [closed]

I see a lot of web text that use "&" to mean "and" and I think it's terrible, not readable, nor friendly, can anyway confirm or challenge that? any real facts to put it in perspective? Same goes ...
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Should we prioritize use or linguistic?

I've been working on a project, and I found an interesting dilemma. The application I'm working on has this filter, let's say something like this: By default, none of the "options" are selected, ...
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Which makes for a better UX: using copy that is short and simple or copy that is casual, yet possibly more wordy?

In the context of a web app, which makes for a better User Experience: using copy that states the facts as simply as possible or copy that speaks in casual language, yet could end up being more wordy? ...
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Which wording for a button works better at the end of steps in a lightbox: Close or Continue or else?

I have a lightbox popup, and after a series of steps of booking, you receive a confirmation still in the lightbox, I am inserting in the bottom right a link that says "close", but to me it feels too ...
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Which is more motivating to continue a process until completion: a percentage, or the number of steps?

I'm working on a set of guides to help users learn how to use our app. We want to show which guides are available and some data with each guide indicating how far you've gotten. The idea is that if we ...
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Context sensitive help for wordy user preferences

Current UI Here is a poorly designed panel on a preferences dialog for the open source audio editor 'Audacity'. I'd like to do something about it. How it got that way In the past the text beside ...
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Best UX to ask for donations

I currently run a free local hiking site for California and people have recently been suggesting I add a way to enable people to give donations since the site is free. Has anyone had success asking ...
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Most effective way to display the enable/disable part of a setup page

We have an admin section with a number of different settings users can go to. In the majority of pages there is an option at the top which initially allows the users to either enable or disable that ...
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Is it necessary to have microcopy text to accompany a loading/progress image?

Is it necessary to have microcopy text to accompany a loading/progress image? Is the word "updating", or "loading", or even "wait a sec" necessary to support an animated loading/progress image? with ...
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What's the best way to create screenshots with callouts to show features of a program?

I'm redesigning a website for a downloadable app. I'd like to create a Tour of the features which has screenshots pointing out how to use it. What are the best tools for doing this? For bonus points,...
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How much space should I leave for a person's name?

How many characters would you feel safe leaving for a First Name and Surname? The users of the system are going to predominantly be from the UK (I mention this because some parts of the world seem to ...
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Error-message to indicate invalid data has been entered?

Sorry for the subjective question.... I'm working on the micro-copy that appears on a web-form when a user submits invalid data: eg: invalid date/time. We've used inline validation and date time ...
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User Profile, My Account, or just Settings?

I am writing a little webapp, and am stuck on a UI hangup. I have a global menu bar at the top of the screen, that when the user is signed in consists of: Signed in as Joe User (with username as ...
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Should we avoid using the word "my" in menu items?

I'm working for a site that is basically a regional/provincial hub for everything from events to classified ads. When you first get on the homepage you get provincial news, events, classified ads and ...
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Using "Sign in" vs using "Log in"

Is there any research in this area, it seems "Sign in" is more common and hence more recommended.
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What are some alternatives to the phrase "Are you sure you want to XYZ" in confirmation dialogs?

I don't like seeing the word 'you' in the message twice. Examples: Are you sure you want to delete this item? Are you sure you want to continue?
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What are good rules for naming menu items? [closed]

I'm establishing some style guidance for naming items which are accessed from my application's menu bar. What are the commonly accepted rules for naming menu items? When should the names of the ...
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"Your" vs "My" in user interfaces

Some user interfaces feature titles such as: My documents My photos My previous orders While others opt for: Your documents Your photos Your previous orders Are their any guidelines addressing ...
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