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Questions tagged [copywriting]

the art of writing promotional text to make an emotional impression on the reader, usually to encourage a purchase. Don't confuse with the [copyright] tag.

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Assigning workflows on folders

I'm working on a rewrite of our Workflow feature. Workflows are optional, and you can apply workflows only on folders. Folders start with no workflows assigned to them. A folder can be a part of only ...
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A warm label for a feedback button

Hopefully, this is an appropriate question, if not, I'll delete it. I'm working on a new feature and it's been decided that we will include a slideout feedback panel, similar to Hotjar. Currently, ...
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CTA label for mobile reporting page

I'm putting together a simple website that allows users to view football-related reports. Users are able to select from 4 report types (player, team, league, country). Depending on which report type ...
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What's good copy to indicate addition, deletion and updation of employee data?

We are creating a section in the our software that shows all the addition of new employees, deletion of employees who left the company and updates in the personal details of any employees. I am not ...
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“Donate a sum but allow me to take money back” - say shorter

The idea that the donor can take his or her funds back (unless he or she dies or like this or a set time in the future passes), to make it more appealing to donate. So, it is kinda bequest to a ...
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