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is the difference in luminance and/or color that makes an object (or its representation in an image or display) distinguishable.

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What are the negative and positive aspects of dark color scheme?

I am using Light-on-dark color scheme (dark background with light text) in my application. My question is, what are the negative and positive aspects of this color scheme and why this color scheme ...
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How does use in bright sunlight affect how a web site should be designed?

We're building a mobile web site that will mainly be used outdoors in bright sunlight. What design factors should I consider?
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Best Way to Darken a Color Until it is Readable?

What's the best way to darken a color until it is readable? I have a series of titles which have an associated color, but some of these colors are very light and any text drawn in them is unreadable. ...
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Do disabled buttons still need to be contrast compliant for accessibility?

Very related to this question: Accessible Disabled State but that is about how to style disabled buttons to make them accessibility compliant, but my question is slightly different. Is it actually an ...
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How many visually distinct colors can accurately be associated with a separated legend in a figure?

For charts and graphs it's a relatively common question by programmers to want to procedurally generate an arbitrary number of colors that are visually distinct. Various research (or educated guesses)...
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Is high contrast mode really useful?

In most operating systems and on some websites there is a high contrast mode, intended for use by visually impaired people. I have doubts, however, whether using such mode makes any sense - from what ...
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Choosing high contrast text color (in relation to background color) dynamically

My application has an area with some number of controls. Each control's background color expresses a state of some sort. The controls are also numbered via some text in their foreground. For ...
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Choosing colors for a subtle UI

I'm currently agonizing over how light I can make various colors in my UI before I adversely affect usability. The reason for the agonizing is that different monitors have different responses. Those ...
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What screen contrast should a design be optimised for?

I'm in the process of working with our designers to come up with a graphical treatment for a comparison results table. We will produce a design, and then receive feedback from the business that they ...
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What is the best way to display disabled field and text for accessibility color contrast support [duplicate]

I am working on a project which needs to support color contrast accessibility. Currently on our system disabled data is presented as grayed-out, but now we need to support color contrast for ...
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Tablet interface design when used outdoors - handling bright light

I have a line-of-business tablet application that is used outdoors day and night in a vehicle. One of the users recently provided feedback that they find it difficult to read the screen when wearing ...
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Formula for color contrast between text and background

In my Android app a user can choose the color of an item. This color is then shown in background with a text on it. I want to display the text either in black or white - depending on the background ...
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Dark screens in cars

I am a designer just preparing an app for the "in car" area. Normally we have a bunch of colors to use and we usually use dark colors on a light background. Now our client came up with some question ...
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Maximum contrast ratio for good accessibility

So we are remaking an enterprise app from scratch. This time we want to base our design decisions on proper research. Our users use the app 24/7 with high requirements for UX. So our main goal is to ...
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How to automatically calculate contrast

Scenario: a user can change the default design of a site by selecting a color. This color is applied to the menu background color. The problem is that I have to change the menu text color depending on ...
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How much darker should yellow be get the same contrast as other colors?

By how much should the color yellow be darkened to get the same contrast values as other colors displayed on a computer screen? This is something that i would do by sight, but i was wondering if ...
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