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Help dialogues that take the current state of an application interface into account.

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Personal Assistant Prompt Form UI

Thoughts on contextual options for when a chatbot avatar could be invoked from a mobile app. I notice many chatbot user assistance on laptop UI can be launched from a chat icon visible the lower left ...
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Validity of in-line help content over time as users graduate from novice to Intermediate stages

This is a question in regards to an Enterprise product. Consider a selection menu - Option 1 help text (2 liner max) Option 2 help text (2 liner max) Option 3 help text (2 liner max) Notes - ...
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What should the behavior of Disabled Link/Button be? [duplicate]

What is the best practice for designing disabled states? In general disabled states cannot be interacted with. Any opinions on presenting a tooltip/pop-up on hover or click when the user interacts ...
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Best way to display help/hints without leaving page

I have a video clipping application which allows the user to clip, add visual effects and create a new file from uploaded video. The user does all the clipping and editing on the same prompt where he/...
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Terminology for app "tooltips" and teaching animations

Sometimes, when I download a new app, I encounter various tips and behaviour suggestions about what I can do and how to interact with the UI. Scenerio 1: For example, when I land on a screen, a sort ...
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Should additional animations be shown *after* the first app-app transition?

On a new iOS device, when I try to open a special URL (app URL, universal link, or phone number), iOS will ask me if I want to "Open in X app" When this occurs, a visual animation occurs that ...
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What's a good way to provide help for grid columns in a tight space?

In my app, I've got grids like the following: It is not apparent, but if you click on the column header in the first three columns, it sorts by that column, but if you do this on the other columns (...
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How to add contextual help for tables

I've got a table that contains around 9 columns. Many of the columns contain dates and reference numbers that are used for complicated processes. The column headings are currently expert terms for the ...
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Single or multiple help buttons for portlet-style UI?

We're building a call center app where there will be multiple portlets on a page, each with its own function. For example, when the call center agent logs in they might see a Work Queue portlet, a ...
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Embedded help on complex form

We are developing a business application for our client. The client wants to have context / embedded help related to each and every field and section header on the existing form. The form is quite ...
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Is it ok to place help icon inside modal windows? Is there is any UX reason that this would not work? [duplicate]

I have a Scenario, were I need to place help icon inside a modal window, Even though I have help icon on screen i.e... behind modal window. Is it is ok to have Help icon inside modal window, If not is ...
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General strategy on help

I have a fairly complex desktop application. It uses some advanced search techniques and some statistics for analysis and prediction. The help is separated with one section of no UI. These are "...
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How to display context-sensitive help for buttons?

I have several buttons in my application that require some explanation (1-3 SHORT sentences). Something like context sensitive help. what is the best way to provide the user this explanation? ...
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Designing for users of different skill levels and experience

I came across the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition while searching elsewhere on StackExchange, and I thought it would be a useful approach to designing the help and instructional information for ...
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How to show an item's context in a hierarchy

I'm trying to figure out a way to allow contextual navigation to nearby items in a large hierarchy. For example, say my hierarchy is countries, states, counties and citites. When viewing a county, ...
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Contextual error message

I am designing a new feature for a CMS my company uses. A few things you should know: We have content editors working mainly on adding pages to the system. We have thousands of pages, and no one ...
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What is the name for a pattern featuring helper text in a semi-transparent overlay?

I am seeing an emerging design pattern in web apps that is used for helping new users get oriented to a page or application. It consists of showing a diagram with succinct helper-text over a semi-...
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Do people actually use tooltips?

I know I use them, and my peers use them, but how much does the average user actually use tooltips to figure out functionality?
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Context sensitive help - making sure they use it

I want to add a context-sensitive help to my interface. It's a complex of numerous screens and data fields, intended for the trained enterprise user. Following this question and this one about why ...
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What happened to "What's this?" help?

"What's this?" help or context-sensitive help* used to be commonplace in Windows applications a few years ago. Dialog windows had an additional "?" button in the top right, that when clicked, gave you ...
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Why is embedded help not popular?

I'm wondering why modern help systems are more passive than active? For example, each good guide through something look like this: So why we don't see this directly on website (service provider), but ...
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Context sensitive help for wordy user preferences

Current UI Here is a poorly designed panel on a preferences dialog for the open source audio editor 'Audacity'. I'd like to do something about it. How it got that way In the past the text beside ...
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Best practices for online help

we're currently developing a fairly complex web portal. To improve the user experience, we want to provide a context-sensitive online help system that can aid the user in understanding certain aspects ...
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