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In website governance, a content audit is the process of evaluating content elements and information assets on some part or all of a website.

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What's the threshold when you should focus on accessibility? Is there any?

I was wondering what is the threshold for the online product / platform / website to take accessibility into account? (Except obvious "always because you never know"). To be precised I am ...
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What is your go-to approach for content mapping?

What is your way to content map a website? My current redesign project has a span of 60+ governmentwebsites. I don't have the time to do a in depth research of each website/application, but I need a ...
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Can the web content creation and Visual design start simultaneously? How?

I work for a digital agency on a commercial website for a client, we are creating a website from scratch. A third party agency is assigned for content creation. As a UX specialist I am assigned to ...
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How should I audit and review the design of a massive website?

I'm being tasked with giving style and behavior revisions to a massive website that I designed some time ago. It's a Drupal site for a decentralized organization and since the site's creation all ...
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Is there a standard way of visualizing screens and actions?

Is there anything like a standard way of visually representing e.g. a web application in the context of the number of screens, how those screens are connected, and what actions are available from ...
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As a UX designer should I audit the content while someone else is responsible for website content?

I am trying to redesign a website, I started with creating content audit for this website, There is another person who is in charge of website's content (This person has no idea about UX design ...
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What are some good Content Auditing tools or practices around the web? [closed]

I was wondering if there are any other tools out there for content audits. Currently I use MS Excel to create my document which is pretty barebones. If anyone has any suggestions, resources or best ...
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Are Content Management and Content Strategy the same?

I work as a UX Strategist and always have a content audit performed before I begin any UX project. I've always referred to the planning, arrangement and writing of the content afterwards as Content ...
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Best way to organize multi-person content audit?

I have a full content audit of my company's website from 5 team members - all done in Excel. Website is about 80 pages of content. Excel sheet as about 5 different columns of data points I wanted ...
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How many people should participate in a content audit?

We're the in the early stages of a complete redesign of our corporate website. Content audit is first, and I started putting together a plan. My question: how many (and what are the job titles) ...
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Rapid content audits, can this be done?

Content audits although immensely dull are essential to understanding an existing websites content. Content audits for larger sites where you're capturing each page and analysing the content page by ...
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