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Questions tagged [consistency]

Keeping a consistent look and feel within an application. For questions about whether to break consistency and when or how to foster a sense of consistency.

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Best way to design custom apps to plug in Microsoft dynamics 365

We are a small team of 2 customizing a Dynamics 365 for our ~100 people company. Using built-in customization tools from dynamics for basic forms and actions works (fairly) great. However, for more ...
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"Add" button on multiselection dialog when no selection has yet been made - active or inactive?

Looking at a dialog with a simple interaction (multi-selection table with checkboxes at front and [Add] and [Cancel] buttons in the Dialog footer), but complex data (two-level hierarchy, several ...
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Are there any problem with consistent among UI elements if I use floating label at Login screen but the others use top left aligned label?

I have an issue that needs your help. Is there any problem with consistency among UI elements if I use a floating label at the log-in screen but the others use a top left-aligned label? Can you give ...
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What are the pros and cons of using 2 fonts on a single page/throughout an application?

As a very relatable example, we have Android OS (since which version I do not remember) using 2 fonts, one for headlines and one for the rest of the text. As in the image, we can see that it uses 2 ...
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