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Consents UX Design

I have 3 consents of the page how I can showcase that in UX design, I did tried in this way that added each consents headings in boxes along with a button, button will trigger a pop up there we can ...
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How can the StackExchange websites have a better user experience (cookie banner and new user information banner)? [closed]

Long ago, I remember reading either Joel Spolsky's or Jeff Atwood's blog post (can't find it now) about how StackOverflow was founded as a way for people to find answers to questions easily. This was ...
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What are best practices for collecting consent for marketing emails during checkout?

I'm working on an ecommerce website that uses Mailchimp for both transactional and marketing email. Users can purchase items without creating an account on the website. Per Mailchimp's terms of ...
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How to provide better UX for a list of user consents

I'm working on a UI that requires end user consent to proceed with a sign-up. Thought of using inline checkboxes within the consent statement. As you see below... I have not come across this method ...
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GDPR consent in register form example

I'm having a hard time finding a simple and short consent phrase for the GDPR. I'm also trying to bundle that with the terms and conditions consent, and maybe with the cookie consent (The app does not ...
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How to display long and dry text's?

How would you display your users really long text's that are dry and they don't really want to read? Context: We have a relatively big website with a area for our paying customers. Since the laws in ...
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