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How to visualize complex connections between items

I’m working on the tool for creating complex workflows, as you see on the attached image each item called “process” has multiple inputs and outputs which are connecting other “process items” even ...
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Why timeout a working connection?

There are many ways how a program or website can detect that the device has no connection. But it's a common practice to timeout a connection after a while, even if it is working (just slow). This ...
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How can I tailor my error message when there is packet loss?

I am building a mobile app. Internet connection is often an issue. If the user's phone does not have an Internet connection I just display a message saying 'No Internet Connection'. I have a ...
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Mark items far away from each other as grouped (connected)

I have a tree structure with items from different trees that I need to "group" (or really, mark as grouped). Like so: It is mandatory for the user to select a few of these items to carry on to the ...
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configuration mode on canvas

I am creating a switch visualisation system for IT managers, one of the features I am adding is creating a new authorization relationship between one switch to another. so that one switch is the ...
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Notifying Friends When New Friend Joined?

What seems like the proper way to notify friends that a new friend has joined. Pros and cons for each scenario from experience would be helpful, from a UX perspective I'm interesting and seeing which ...
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App for wearable device: disconnect notification

I'm designing an app for a wearable device which is connected to the phone over bluetooth. The app more or less can't do anything without a device being connected. When launching the app, the first ...
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Best UX for suggesting members to connect with? Carousel on profile page or separate page with GRID

I am toying with how to show my users potential colleagues (friends if you will) on my site. These "friends" are a list of academics that have been drawn up based on 1) common research interests with ...
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Web App is offline: show [Reconnecting in…] countdown?

I'm trying to figure out what elements to in an alert show when a web application is offline. Gmail shows all three elements I'm considering: the Status, a Reconnect Countdown, and a Manual Reconnect ...
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Best practice for indicating a live connection

I'm working on a project where we, amongst other views, have a grid displaying a list of units around the world and their last given status. Each unit can also have a live connection between itself, a ...
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Why do almost all public Wi-Fi's force you to press a button on a website before you can use it?

Almost all public Wi-Fi's I have encountered require you to press a button on a webpage (or even make an account), before you can use it. But one time it was just "To use our Wi-Fi, just press the ...
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What's the Best UI to Configure a Database Connection String

What is the best approach to allow users to configure database connections? The connection could either be SQL or Oracle. I'm building a WPF desktop application. Ideally this is the type of setting ...
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Reasonable webpage file size

What sort of file size is currently reasonable for a webpage? Considering a responsive design being served to both a desktop with a high-bandwidth connection and a slow connection mobile device.
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