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What to call "Cancel" when "Cancel" is already the default action?

When attempting to cancel a service or setting, "cancel" is the default action. What should the normal "cancel" button be called? Redbox uses a playful "just kidding", which may not be appropriate in ...
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Deletion: Confirm or Undo? Which is the better option and why?

Which one is the better option and why? Delete with Confirmation [The action cannot be undone] or Delete with one click [And provide option to Undo]
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When is it appropriate to ask User confirmation?

A couple of times I archived some of my emails accidentally ( touch screen you know ) . They don't usually ask for confirmation while archiving messages or emails. But they do while deleting . So in ...
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What's the best approach to confirm user email address: sending an email confirmation link or sending a verification code in email?

I see there are number of questions available there about approach for confirming email address with pretty good answers. I have a similar question I can think of two approaches for confirming email ...
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Should alert boxes be avoided at any cost?

Thanks to Gabriel Svennerberg and Sam K for this one - raised in a comment here. I was fairly casual about alert boxes until a run of user tests where an alert box was put up to warn learners that ...
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Is only having a single unmasked password field (no confirm) on a registration page a bad idea? [duplicate]

Some sites allow you to register and only provide a single password box, which is protected with stars. Traditionally a "confirm password" box is used when registering which allows you to confirm ...
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How do we stop users overpaying in financial web forms?

Submitting my online council tax payment last week, I made a mistake. Instead of specifying £X.00 in a freetext payment field, I missed the dot and accidentally entered by £X000! I'm currently waiting ...
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Verification of consequences

I have a situation where a user is about to do something with consequences important enough that it's imperative they understand them. In this particular case they are about to revoke their right to ...
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Are age verification banners effective?

I'm curious as to whether or not these Age Verification banners that appear on some sites are really "effective". That is to say, do these really help to deter/prevent users that are underage from ...
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Why would one use "enter the name of the project to confirm"?

If you're a long-time GitHub user, you probably have seen something like this: This happens every time you do a potentially destructive thing to a repository, like switching its public / private ...
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How to handle "forgot password" when user has not confirmed email?

If you follow the pattern of allowing users access to your application without having confirmed an email (generally considered good UX), how do handle the case where they forgot their password? Very ...
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Verifying that a user acknowledges and understands a given message without adding excess inconvenience

Say the user wishes to perform a dangerous but necessary task, from which there is no recovery or going back (for example, erasing a hard drive, or permanently deleting an online account after ...
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Are there established patterns for delete confirmations other than the typical modal?

I'm trying to find out if there are some semi-standard ways of handling the "are you sure?" confirmation logic when a person deletes a record or item. The typical options are: Show a "Are you sure ...
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How to ask a confirmation question?

We often have to ask people to confirm an action. The usual text is: "Are you sure that you want to _________?" Are there any shorter but clear ways of asking this?
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How should I handle deleting a role when there are still users with it assigned

I presume this is a pretty common problem but I can never decide the best way to do it. Simple system. It has users, users can be a assigned a role. Roles are defined by the admin users. The ...
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Double confirmation for DELETE action? [duplicate]

Some of the application have Double Confirmation for DELETE action. Also, some of the application behavior is "Type DELETE" and continue to delete. Is this correct way? My opinion is, we can have ...
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Why does the "Thank you for contacting us" page still include the contact form?

After submitting a subscription or contact page, the user is typically presented with the same form with one change: an often small statement saying "Thank you for your response." Why would ...
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