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Transactional emails: Use case specific sender names?

I design transactional email communication for a company. My goal is that sender name, sender email, email subject and email pre-header (the preview) will help the reader to grasp the email's gist ...
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How do you explain information architecture to non designers?

I am working on a large financial application and would like to know few ways to present an IA or sitemap to other stakeholders (business development teams) Do you start by explaining the goal or the ...
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Communicating design to non-designers

How do you communicate design to non-designers? For example, a complex information architecture. Sometimes I get the impression that it is really difficult for non-designers to be able to visualize ...
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Is there an accepted way of indicating user action vs computed action on a flowchart?

We've found that using flowcharts to help communicate between technical and non-technical teams to be incredibly helpful. The different shapes have different meanings and these are generally accepted ...
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Standard method for communication and documentation for business analysts, designers and developers

I have been working on a personal project to standardize the way that business analysts, designers and developers communicate in projects about the problems and solutions that they have to solve. Even ...
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Should email-address be a fallback for salutation in e-mail, when there is no first name known?

So within the platform, first & last name is optional. When we send out emails with salutation, should we fallback to the e-mail address as a name (when first name = null) or should we just leave ...
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What is the optimal level of 'communication' with an online purchase?

Online shops seem to be slipping into 'overcommunicating' about online purchases. Beyond an email/text to confirm details of a purchase, is there any need to send numerous emails/texts reporting ...
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How to describe elements/widgets properly?

We are making widgets for a corporate website and I'm trying to figure out the best way to describe them. Something like writing a documentation. There are at least 10 of these, but here is one ...
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Document to improve communication between team

I don't know where or how to search for such a thing but... As I was working on my last project something occurred to me. A simple change to a dialog box became a month of work because of lack of ...
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How to explain UX to strangers? [closed]

Everyone has their own interpretation of Design especially User Experience Design. What can be the best way to explain UX in words? How to answer this to my parents? How to answer this to my ...
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Standardization of emoji usage

Not being a big user of social media, I was nevertheless fascinated by the uptake of emoji and its various forms (same with emoticons when it first caught on). I am wondering whether there has been ...
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