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How can wiring systems be designed to not rely solely on colour?

Yesterday I was faced with the challenge of replacing the stock radio in my vehicle. The stock radio had broken, and it was time for a new one. As it is, building the proper wiring harness is already ...
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Colours that represent beginner, intermediate and expert

Are there any guiding principles around what colours might represent beginner, intermediate and expert users in a forum site? At first I was thinking green (beginner), orange (intermediate) and red (...
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Does dark colour affect user's trust?

I have used a black header on an online shop because it is a common colour for the subject but I didn't realise that it may affect user's trust. Is it recommended to use bright colour ? Have you ...
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Can someone who is colour blind pursue a career in UX?

I am colourblind and I am considering a career in Business Analysis and User Experience. Would this be a problem for me?
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Why did Microsoft make all the Office 2013 icons have such similar colours? [closed]

We've just been upgraded from Office 2010 to Office 2013. There's the usual assortment of UI rejigs, most of which are either the modern trends (ultra-flat icons and UIs), fairly neutral, or easily ...
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The Psychology of Colors

I have a few categories in my application regarding the various needs/dimensions of human lives such as health, social services etc. I am not sure which color would best represent each category. Could ...
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Why does so much software use gray backgrounds, from Windows to Chrome to Mac to almost every other software and website you come across?

What is it with gray backgrounds? Gray backgrounds seem to be in use since the early days of software and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere! Any concrete research studies done on this area?
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How to treat diminished CTA buttons

Let's say you have a page that has a prominent CTA in a big blue button (say SIGN UP!) and a diminished CTA beside it, as an underlined link ("No Thanks"). In the body copy of the page is sprinkled a ...
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Red and Green meanings in other countries

I'm from the UK and at my place of work we have a webstore for the UK, France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands and each store has a "livechat" button at the bottom of the page that I have decided ...
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Using text-shadow for accessibility

I'm interested in understanding whether there has been any research or confirmed values for using the text-shadow property with the goal of meeting WCAG minimum colour contrast values. In my ...
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Usability of colour pickers in HSL format compared to RGB and HEX

Reading a recent article about HSL colour pickers being more user-friendly, I thought about the reason why the RGB and HEX colour pickers exist and who they are catering for, and it seems quite ...
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Which colours to expose users to at the beginning or, during, and at the end of a shift

This got me thinking and I was hoping it might spark some discussion... I'm making a system at the moment which has a very prominent background. It's going to be rolled out to call centre agents to ...
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Use of shadows on different backgrounds

I have a UI element composed of two sub-elements, one magenta and one white. When a shadow is applied to the super element, it is a lot more pronounced / contrasted when seen alongside the lighter, ...
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Asking for feedback about header colour [closed]

Which header do you think is better? Light grey: White with shadow
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