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the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans to the categories called red, green, blue and others

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Statistics (or tools) on screen calibration & readability

Fairly straight forward question, but I could not find any answers to it. Are there any known statistics regarding screen calibration & readability? Are there any colors to avoid where screen ...
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Is it OK to let the user use colored tags to associate data sets or keywords?

I am debating with my boss regarding whether tags should be coloured or not. I feel that colouring tags will just work as fun for the user. A user won't remember what colour he has assigned to a ...
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WCAG' Non-text contrast requirements, what exactly are the guidelines with hover?

WCAG does a weird job of explaining their non-text contrast requirements with hover states. Within their "Understanding non-text contrast" documentation, they have this bizarre example: As ...
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HTML input of type color has no empty state

The HTML input of type color has no empty state. Therefore it always shows a selected color. What would be the best way to convey to the user that they have to select a color. I restyled the color ...
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Color for Completed Stage Icon

Currently I'm designing a web where there is a progress bar. It have 3 stage. When stage 1 is completed, the icon will change to green, the remaining icon for stage 2 and 3 will remain grey-ish color. ...
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"X Module is disabled" toast color - red or yellow

So I have a widget that displays some info. In some cases - you should be able to click on it and it redirects you to the X Module In other cases - the X Module is disabled and when the user clicks on ...
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Finding a tested color combination for mobile app header and Search box?

We have a mobile app with a regular header (filters, search, etc.) and a results listview at the bottom (fyi the icon to the right is not the real icon). I like how the app looks and I don't want to ...
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Which of these "Email campaign status" combinations make the most sense? (color status labels)

Me and the team are split on which combination of colors are best to indicate "Active", "Sending", and "Sent" for both one-time & automated/recurring email campaigns. ...
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How do you create both sufficient contrast and a harmonious outcome for text on different tints of the same color?

Here are two examples. One is a table, the other an illustration. Both use different tints of the same color with text on top. How do you change the color of the text across these tints to be both ...
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How to unify states from the macro to the detail

I'm working on a product that manage workers certificates, and so we have a table with ALL certificates where you can find cards for each one Each card has: Certificate name, Next due date (29 days ...
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On a directory tree with color based legend, how to best represent multiple colors?

On one of our web apps we have a directory structure viewer with a legend and certain highlight colors for folders and files which have special meaning. In the majority of cases where the app is used, ...
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How did WCAG come up with the constants used in determining luminance

In they used a few constants but I can't find where they're derived from
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