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is the inability or decreased ability to see color, or perceive color differences, under normal lighting conditions

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How can I check if my user interface is suited for colorblind people? [closed]

I've made a visualization that consists of various colors. Now I would like to test, if also color-blind people can use my application in a meaningful way. Is there any tool etc that I can run to see ...
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Choosing colors appropriately for red-green colorblindness

I want a green for "correct answer" and a red for "wrong answer". My current choice is rgb(144, 238, 144) for the green and rgb(250, 128, 114) for the red. (See for the colours in ...
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Colorblindness-friendly colors called "green", "blue", "yellow", and "red"

I need to choose a palette of four colors that satisfies the following two conditions: Colorblind people can easily distinguish all four of the colors. People with normal color vision can ...
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Color Palette for All types of Color Blindness

I am trying to design an infographic that is colorful and informative. At the same time, people who are colorblind should be able to view it. Color-blindness website allows you to view images with ...
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Should we risk using colors other than blue in Web apps?

Trends: New Colors (we’re looking at you, #00A0D1) If there’s one thing that’s been stagnant in the design community, it’s the originality with colors. Sixty percent of the applications on my ...
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Communicating a three stage grade of alert

In our web application there's a view where we display the stress on a hardware component. This will be displayed with a percentage value in different colour codes combined with an icon where 100% ...
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How can I find a color scheme that is appropriate for color blind persons?

I need to highlight an item in a toolbar with a color that is distinct from other colors that are already present. This accent color will be used in any currently selected item, row, or other item ...
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