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Tree table, filters and open/closed state

Let's say there is a tree table displaying a hierarchical structure. There are actually two kinds of objects displayed in the table, one kind forming the internal nodes of the tree and the other one ...
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msedge - get feedback for horizontal tab groups

Vertical tabs in browser edge Currently microsoft-edge has vertical tabs Proposal for horizontal tabs I would love to have the groups as normal horizontal tabs. Each Group would render one tab. ...
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12 votes
7 answers

Expandable rows, quick view or modal to show a big section with details for a row in a table?

I have a table and in the first version of the implementation, I had expandable rows with info. In the new version, the client wants expandable sections in the section expanded because it is a lot of ...
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2 answers

Collapsed or minified pagination

This might be a bit of a brainstorming question, and it could have already been answered, but I haven't found much of anything useful online; so bare with me. In our enterprise search engine, there ...
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What expand/collapse representation is correct?

I often come across different ways of representing the expand/collapse behavior. Which one is more correct? Option 1 (arrow left - arrow down) Option 2 (arrow down - arrow up)
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An alternate approach to Treeview

I have a screen where I get a List of Main items. Inturn, each of these main items will have list of sub items inside them. Now user can select a Main Item or items inside it and then run the report. ...
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Question about indentation on categorized list

wondered if I could get some help with this decision. I currently have a list that gets populated for the user automatically. Within the list, the items will be categorized two ways (again ...
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What is the best practice for a link that has two functions?

For Example, lets say I have a book viewer with list of (parent-child) bookmarks. my problem is how to deal with bookmarks when it have two action in the same link. download bmml source – ...
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2 votes
3 answers

collapse vs minimize

Is it right to use the word "Collapse" to describe what this button do or "Minimize" is more correct? What the difference in meanings of words "collapse" and "minimize" in context of computer program ...
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1 vote
4 answers

Best approach to presenting collapsible/expandable panels with radio button headers

The user will be presented with multiple options (as radio buttons), and he/she must select one option before proceeding to the next step. The individual sections will be expandable/collapsible for ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Collapsible content vs. static text for FAQ/Information page

I am designing a simple FAQ/information page. We already have one, which you can view here: EDIT Use this link for example As you can see we use collapsible ...
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1 answer

When using a chevron should I use one or two?

I am using a chevron for hiding and collapsing an area on my interface. I have found versions of chevrons out there that use 2, and others that use a single: Is there any standard or reason to favor ...
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43 votes
6 answers

Which way should arrows point in a collapsible accordion? Left/down … down/up?

What is the best way to indicate that it's possible to open and close an element accordion-style? Arrow pointing left/arrow pointing down Arrow pointing down/arrow pointing up Plus sign/minus sign … ...
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