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Coach marks are a transparent overlay of UI hints, somewhat similar to "augmented reality" for applications.

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How to explain and show a new feature in a website?

So, there is this website with news and other things, like the weather, horoscope, etc.. And there will be a new service where some news will be prime, the user will have to pay to see the article. I ...
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Is it still a good practice to use coach marks?

I was presented with the question should the mobile app use coach marks or not? It's not a very difficult app, and I think users don't have a lot of problems using it. But do users value the little ...
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Correct name of transparent instructional overlays / coach marks for announcing new features or first time use?

I find always more often when using a mobile app for the first time, these kind of instructional overlays or coach marks which illustrate to the user the basic gestures and menus of an application. ...
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What is the origin of the term 'coach marks', in the context of software UI?

The earliest reference to "coach marks" (in the context of software UI) appears to be the following patent, filed in 1993: Method and apparatus for generating and displaying multiple simultaneously-...
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How do you create onboarding logic for first time user experience?

Are there any good resources for writing logic for a series of coachmarks for onboarding users? Specifically, actions that trigger a coachmark in a series, how long they are shown, when they are ...
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What are some ways you can encourage people to read the Instructions?

We make educational software. Each Lesson has instructions. Sometimes the instructions are fairly obvious (Click the picture that matches the spoken word), sometimes they are more complicated : ...
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Wording for coach-marks pages

Example of coach-marks: While the coach-marks mode is active, what's the clearest way to inform the user that there are more pages with more detailed information? an arrow A button (more, next, etc.)...
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