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Closing or exiting an application, window or workflow.

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11 votes
4 answers

close button on the left or right side? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the important aspect to consider when deciding where windows interaction buttons should be placed? From a ux point of view, does it make a difference if the close ...
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8 answers

Are "close" and "x" on a popup redundant?

I am working with a basic bootstrap modal popup which is a popular modal used on many sites. I noticed that the default template comes with both a close button on the bottom, as well as an x on the ...
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38 votes
14 answers

Why don't mobile apps have a 'close' button?

I'm a fairly new user of Android and i'm annoyed by the fact that almost all apps lack a "close" button. Is there any reason why developers don't make such an option?
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22 votes
6 answers

Can we expect users to close popovers by just clicking away?

We use popovers quite a lot and, when you click away from them, they close. Do you think it's reasonable to expect that the majority of web users will know how to close it this way instead of adding a ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is it a good practice to ask before exiting an application (with nothing to save)?

Every now and then, I come across applications that, when clicking on the main window's "X", ask me whether I'm sure that I want to quit the application. I'm not talking about asking me to save ...
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45 votes
8 answers

Should the hamburger menu close only on icon click or on click outside as well?

We are using a hamburger menu on the mobile view of our responsive website, There's a debate going on in the team: a) Should the hamburger menu close if you click/tap outside ...
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18 votes
5 answers

Is there a logical alternative for the Escape key?

I have a game that can be played in your browser. It's a retro game (multiplayer snake) and the menus and your snake can only be controlled using your keyboard. Mouse input is ignored. I was using ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Why is a cancel "X" icon required if there is already a "Cancel" option in a modal?

We are following this pattern, inspired by Mac and Windows OS, but I don't have a solid answer for why web apps use it. What is the importance of the X button? Is it really required?
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1 vote
2 answers

Using the "X" as a close button vs a button labeled "close window" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Closing modal dialogs I'm developing a flash application that has buttons that popup a window with more text, and information when they click it. This happens throughout the ...
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2 answers

Is it necessary placing exit/cancel/close button if there are 'x' (close button) at the pop up window

My dekstop application use a lot of .showdialog to open new form. Then it's necessary placing some method for the user who want close the popup form. I already using 'x' (close form, near minimize and ...
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