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A client in Usability terms refers to a customer. Questions regarding this tag embrace how to convince, inform or make a client more aware of a certain process are part of the tag.

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When to commit user data (a humble request from a systems guy...)

So, I am a systems programmer working on a UI (bad idea, maybe, but I think I do ok all things considered). Anyway, my program is an interface to a service running on a remote machine which controls ...
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How do you approach educating clients about "the fold" (and other UX 'myths')

I've always been of the belief that "the fold" is a bit of a misnomer, and indeed there's a whole bunch of research (including material posted on this very site) suggesting that users don't have a ...
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How should UX work be billed? [closed]

I'm wondering how others bill a UX service and how it should really be billed. I'm exposed to basing it on hours spent doing the work. However, I don't think that it's the most fit way of doing it ...
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How do you find the balance between what the users' want and what the clients want?

You all know that project... After months of research, wireframing, prototyping, testing and workshops, there is that one client (normally the MD) that comes in at the end and knows everything better ...
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What are the common misconceptions, myths you face in your client work? [closed]

In your experience, what common misconceptions do clients have regarding web design and UX? Like caring too much about the fold, madly sticking to the 3-click rule. Btw, there's a good list on ...
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