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A client in Usability terms refers to a customer. Questions regarding this tag embrace how to convince, inform or make a client more aware of a certain process are part of the tag.

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What is a good reason to tell clients who want their logo to be always included in every screen that it shouldn't be done for a mobile app?

Just as the title says, I'm not a fan of always displaying the logo at the title bar of a specific app. I sometimes come across a client whose concept screens are like that. What would be a good ...
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11 answers

How to explain to my client the difference between Front End and Back End?

I'm currently managing a project to bring a medium-sized shop into the online world for the first time. The very non-technical shop owner is failing to understand what "front-end" and "back-end" ...
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What do you do with an inconclusive A/B Test? Keep the change or lose it?

Short Version If you run an A/B Test, and the results are that there's no difference in your key metric, do you keep the experimental version, or revert the site back to the control? Story Version ...
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