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the application of arranging time in fixed periods for the purpose of dating events accurately and arranging them in order of occurrence

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Display comments order - best practice

I wonder what is the best comments order on the website. I assume there are two major methods to display comments: from newest to oldest, from oldest to newest. Facebook uses method one and displays ...
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Representing Chronological flow in a table

I have an application that tracks the housing history of program participants. The worker using this program will already have their current housing information inputted elsewhere. Normally, I would ...
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Should an order tracker timeline be in chronological or reverse chronological order?

'Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.' - Søren Kierkegaard In an ecommerce order tracker, where there are a list of 'events' (for example, order placed, out for ...
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Opposing sorting direction

The problem: We have 2 screens in our app where the scrolling chronological is reversed (one page scroll in ascending chronological order and the other descending). From a UX point of view, this seems ...
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How to show "updated" posts within a chronological stream/feed?

What's the best way to show updated (edited or commented on) posts within a chronological feed of posts? This is essentially a categorized Twitter-like feed. So, naturally, users can comment on them. ...
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How should a chronological activity feed behave?

I am developing an activity feed for a basic social app: you can follow people and people can follow you back. When you follow someone, content from that person will appear on the activity feed. I am ...
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Is this a workable chronology of the UX process? [closed]

Is this order of the UX process right? Discover the user's problem Create screener questionnaire Call the users for their interview Create a qualitative and quantitative questionnaire for the ...
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