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Which is the best control for a digital checklist?

Designing an application that has a checklist for workers to fill out before starting routine Maintenance work. this includes a list of 10-15 safety checks. this will be used on an android tablet on ...
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2 answers

How to indicate an unfinished task with a check box or similar without implying you can check it off yourself?

I have an onboarding checklist, where the user has to complete a number of tasks. The most natural visual seems to be to use a list with an empty check box for uncompleted tasks, with checks added for ...
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7 answers

What is the most appropriate way to ask a user to select a few (10 for example) categories from a list of thousands to proceed with the app?

I am working on a mobile app which relies on the categories/themes of interest chosen by the user and show content accordingly. These categories are coming from another website and are similar to the ...
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Alternative to side scrolling table for an infinite list of X-Axis checkbox items

I have a problem in which there is a table that does not have a predefined amount of columns or rows. i.e., for both the X and Y axis there is no limit. This invites a high probability of the user ...
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How to make sure "double-check" list properly and comfortably checked?

I have an excel file prepared for summary/report. This will be used by one user, an administrator (not me). There are some check-"cells" (Marlett checkboxes) that should be ticked before the summary ...
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Design QA checklist

I'm coming up with a checklist for QA to check on designs after a feature has been built on a product before it can be released. Design QA checklist [ ] matches with design specs (colors, spacing, ...
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2 answers

What is the original source of this usability heuristic checklist?

I have seen this usability heuristic checklist from a number of sources with pretty much the same content but some slight variations and no credit to an original source - could anyone please confirm ...
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2 answers

How can I design a 'checkbox experience' for a message/text based bot?

I'm looking to design decent solution for reflecting 'checkbox functionality' in Slack. I'm working on a bot and during the onboarding process I need the user to set some preferences while talking ...
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