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widgets that allow a single item to be selected or not. Usually shown by a square box, with a check mark in it if selected.

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When would I use Facebook style fcbkcomplete instead of a multiselect dropdown?

Is there any occasion when you should use the Facebook style multiselect textbox (as seen in fcbkcomplete or smarttextbox) compared to a regular multiselect dropdown / list box or a set of checkboxes?
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Why will you choose to use 'Check Box' instead of 'Option List' for two options? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How Yes or No Questions Should be Represented in Forms This is a usability query. Suppose you only have two options you want a user to pick, are there any design ...
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Multiple or Single Checkbox for ToDo List?

Would you suggest for a To-Do List section of a project management app I am working on have multiple checkboxes? Or keep things simple and "common" using single checkbox? I think that multiple ...
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Best Text for "Select All"/"Unselect All" Buttons with CheckLists

What would "better" text for buttons that select all items in a checklist: "Check All" / "Uncheck All" "Select All" / "Unselect All" or perhaps other text
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Check all / uncheck all checkboxes with regards to usability

I'm just wondering as to your thoughts on the best way of providing check/uncheck all functionality for an HTML table with multiple rows, that has a column of checkboxes. Some possibilities: Extra ...
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Select All & Clear All vs. Invert

I met with situation when I have to use the long multiply check list. I have to add some usable buttons Select All, Clear All or Revert Invert. I know that the common practice is using "Select All" ...
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What is the best acknowledge UI?

What is the best acknowledge UI? Ie. confirmation by the user. 1) A simple checkbox on a form or 2) A pop-up with a message and OK/Cancel buttons
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Should checkbox labels be to the right or the left?

I've got some checkboxes with text values of varying lengths (from say 5 characters up to about 60) - which is the preferred layout? Value to the left and checkbox to the right, or vice versa?
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