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widgets that allow a single item to be selected or not. Usually shown by a square box, with a check mark in it if selected.

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Select a lot of items (checkboxes)

I'm working on a game where users can have a lot of items (50-100k). The items are stored in a database, they are all unique because they have metadata (achieved time etc.). We would like to allow the ...
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Matrix table with checkbox selections

I am creating a matrix data table which will allow checkbox selections. Here is a mock up I have come up with: This fulfils two purposes: User is able to see instantly which options have been ...
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Multi-select tree in which parent also is a child

I am working on a multi-select tree in which the user should be able to select all children of a parent. Normally you would be using the parent checkbox to do so, but in this case it should also be ...
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Autoselect lower options - effective design patterns

I have series of options that I currently render as checkboxes. However, the options themselves "stack" in the sense that selecting one, should auto-select all the options below it. ex. If we have ...
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Alternative to side scrolling table for an infinite list of X-Axis checkbox items

I have a problem in which there is a table that does not have a predefined amount of columns or rows. i.e., for both the X and Y axis there is no limit. This invites a high probability of the user ...
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Improving confusing product permission settings UI with explicit / implicit multi options

I have a product permission settings component that allows users to include/exclude companies' current and future products. Many users find the current UI confusing based on feedback. Below is an low ...
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Listbox with checkboxes — description aligment with title, or checkbox?

On a project, we show a list with checkboxes — and all options have some additional descriptions. So the question is should those descriptions be left aligned with the checkbox, or item title?
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What is the best way to design nested multi-select checklist for touch devices with capability to preview?

We are designing a multi-select nested checklist for a touch kiosk application. In this checklist, we have multiple parents and these parents are selectable/checkable but when we tap on them, they get ...
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What is the best pattern on selecting options to display look book prices

This is an online app for our product salespeople. This app allows our product managers to create a custom pdf look book that can be emailed or printed out for specific customer. The selection ...
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