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Questions tagged [charts]

A sheet of information in the form of a table, graph, or diagram.

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year-over-year bar chart years

I'm trying to mock up a dashboard widget with a bar chart comparing values in a rolling year-over-year timeframe. By it's nature, this chart will usually overlap three calendar years. Example: Year-...
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Should each month tick be at the first day of month, or every 30 days?

I am making a chart with a time axis. This axis can have yearly, monthly, dayly, or hourly ticks, depending on how big the timespan is. For monthly ticks, I'm in doubt as to where should the ticks be ...
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Show two set of dates in a chart for comparison

I'm working on a graph that compares two date ranges, but based on the feedback I received, there's some confusion. It appears that the graph is being interpreted as spanning from January 1 to January ...
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Empty state vs. Hiding Charts

I have category pages, with a list of products inside each of them. The category pages contain details on tests which have been conducted for each of the products, with some categories having up to 50 ...
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How to avoid performance issues in user-customizable dashboards by limiting in some way the amount of information being displayed

I work for a Product that allows users to create customs dashboards. They have the possibility to create 1-25 custom charts and the available chart types are indicators, columns, bars, area, pie, and ...
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