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Product list per product or per variable?

I have a product X that has a range of variables, from 100 - 2000 kg. Is it a better UX to display one product as 'Product X (100 - 2000 kg)' or individual products with each an own product page, ex. '...
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What UX design patterns are suited for displaying a catalog online?

Since many years we are using a product catalog (print) with many products in it, but since it costs a lot of money to print and send it to our customers, we slowly want to move from a physical ...
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Product Catalog Layout - Best Practices for Mobile Devices

I'm designing a wedding dress collection page in my website. I have about 10 collections with about 20 dresses in each. The collection are distinct (each features a different model, photo location and ...
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In a card style layout, do pin/unpin have the same meaning to the user as hide/unhide?

I'm working on a card layout, where the user should have activities, such as pin / unpin a card, and hide / unhide a card. The first action can be done on a catalog page, where the user can choose ...
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Best product page layout? [closed]

I'm redisigning my product page. It is for an apparel store. I did 2 different layout. I know that the best way is multi-testing but for now any advice or insights based on your experience would be ...
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Structuring an e-commerce site for external sellers

My questions require a fair bit of background information, so please bare with me. We have an e-commerce app that lets users sell their records. To simplify the selling process we populated our ...
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why must point of sale have a bill-preview on the same page as product selection?

Most of the POS system images I see from google image search on "Point of Sale' have a bill- preview section on the same screen where the products are selected. Is this driven due to user-habit of ...
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