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Cancel is the act to not continue with current action, which could be saving, editing or deleting a post.

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Is there a need for save/cancel buttons in iOS app?

I am developing an investment property evaluator app that allows the user to record information about a potential investment property and evaluates the property based on certain metrics. It uses drill ...
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What to call "Cancel" when "Cancel" is already the default action?

When attempting to cancel a service or setting, "cancel" is the default action. What should the normal "cancel" button be called? Redbox uses a playful "just kidding", which may not be appropriate in ...
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'X'-close button on iPhone

The default way of dismissing views in iOS is with Cancel or Done. However in this view I think Cancel uses to much space, which is better given to the search bar. What is your opinion? Is using X ...
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de-emphasizing cancel

Is it a good idea to de-emphasize the cancel button? download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups vs. download bmml source
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Pop-up window choices

If you would have a pop-up with just some information for the user. They don't have to make a choice. Is it wise to give the user two options to close that pop-up (see screen shot) or would you give ...
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Navigation-back button and/or Cancel button in upper-left corner of iOS data entry screen?

I have an iOS screen that is usually used for data entry but is occasionally used to later view the data that's been entered. For data entry, it seems like the iOS convention (e.g. stock email app) ...
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Discard Changes/Cancel behaviour in a web app

I have a web app that allows multi-tasking. If the user is on a page and has made changes, on navigating to a different page, the previous page is added to a list of tasks, which he can then revisit ...
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Is it not advisable to have a visible cancel option when performing a action such as delete

I was reading about the guidelines for flyouts for Metro Design which state that: Include just the action that the user initiated, such as Delete. Do not include the opposite action or a Cancel ...
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When to use the Back button vs. Cancel/Done on iPhone

I noticed that in some cases Apple uses Cancel / Done buttons, and in others there's only the the Back button. In Calendar, for example, when you choose how often an event should repeat, you have ...
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Isn't it a usability issue when adding comment dialog in Stack Exchange does not have cancel link?

When I click Add comment in everywhere on Stack Exchange you can't hide the box opened. I myself changed my decision to post a comment in site. Don't you think there need to be a cancel link in ...
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