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Cancel is the act to not continue with current action, which could be saving, editing or deleting a post.

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What to call "Cancel" when "Cancel" is already the default action?

When attempting to cancel a service or setting, "cancel" is the default action. What should the normal "cancel" button be called? Redbox uses a playful "just kidding", which may not be appropriate in ...
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Cancelling a Cancellation

I'm in a bit of a verbiage bind. I have a form for a request cancellation. I cannot change the wording on that. The word cancel HAS to be used. The button bellow sits in the footer of a card. ...
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When to use the Back button vs. Cancel/Done on iPhone

I noticed that in some cases Apple uses Cancel / Done buttons, and in others there's only the the Back button. In Calendar, for example, when you choose how often an event should repeat, you have ...
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Save & Add New, Save & Close, Save, Done, Cancel

This is something I've been struggling with, because there seems to be a lack of standard for it (as far as I can tell). There are two scenarios. Save & Close and Save & Add New We are ...
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Why is a cancel "X" icon required if there is already a "Cancel" option in a modal?

We are following this pattern, inspired by Mac and Windows OS, but I don't have a solid answer for why web apps use it. What is the importance of the X button? Is it really required?
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Is it not advisable to have a visible cancel option when performing a action such as delete

I was reading about the guidelines for flyouts for Metro Design which state that: Include just the action that the user initiated, such as Delete. Do not include the opposite action or a Cancel ...
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Ideas on dismissing a popover without a Close element

I have mocks from a designer showing an initial form for searching a location. There are fields for location (business) name and city (pre-filled) and a Next button (disabled at first). When the user ...
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