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Buttons allow users to directly trigger an action or activity in a software solution, and is a concept borrowed from its physical counterpart in its digital design. Use this tag for questions about how buttons should be placed, styled, aligned or used to express their purpose and facilitate their operation.

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Should "Yes, delete it" be red, or green?

Designing an interface for a CMS (Content Management System), I stumbled upon a paradox and I'm a bit confused about what to do and why to do it.. Context Before deleting an album, the user is asked ...
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Should a toggle button show its current state or the state to which it will change?

I have a quick question about buttons that toggle between two states. (Think Play/Pause, or Shuffle/Regular Play.) As the title says, should the toggle show it's current state or the state to which it ...
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496 votes
23 answers

Why do people clear the screen multiple times when using a calculator?

I've noticed that most people when using a real or a virtual calculator, they hit the Clear button multiple times when clearing the screen (even though hitting it once is enough), so I started ...
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24 answers

OK/Cancel on left/right?

Should OK button be on left of Cancel button or vice versa? Are there any studies suggesting either of the solutions?
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14 answers

Should I use Yes/No or Ok/Cancel on my message box?

Semantically, the Yes/No buttons are roughly equivalent to the Ok/Cancel buttons, but in general what would you recommend to use? Should I always use Yes/No or always use Ok/Cancel? Or does it depend ...
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Are you sure you want to answer this question?

We've all seen these types of warnings: "Are you sure you want to shut down Windows?" I hear a lot of people frustratingly reply: "Yes, of course, otherwise I wouldn't have clicked it!" These types ...
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15 answers

Who needs an external on/off Wi-Fi button?

It puzzles me that there are Laptops which are shipped with external physical Wi-Fi buttons. I see no real use of it, but it might have a historical explanation?! The only time one notice the external ...
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115 votes
20 answers

Toilet flush buttons

This question has been bugging me ever since I've started learning usability. I am talking about the two buttons for the flush : Full and half container. On one hand, the button shape has to ...
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12 answers

Should form 'Continue' button be disabled if validation is incomplete?

In forms we often see the 'continue' button inactive until all the required fields are complete: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups Is this actually a help to the ...
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13 answers

When a button contains text and an icon, which should come first?

Assuming I'm optimizing for making it as fast and easy as possible for most users to find the button they need, what's the optimal ordering?
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107 votes
9 answers

What reason could Nintendo have had for putting the A and B buttons in a non-alphabetical order?

When Nintendo brought out its first game system, the NES, it had a controller with four buttons: Select Start A B However, somewhere, a designer, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the A and B ...
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107 votes
11 answers

Should a button become lighter or darker on hover?

We're having a discussion in the office about whether a button should become lighter or darker when a user hovers over it. Here are some examples from the field: Apple "Buy Now" button (Second is ...
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106 votes
9 answers

Why don't <button> HTML elements have a CSS cursor pointer by default?

A friend was asking me why <button> HTML elements don't have a CSS cursor pointer by default? It is the default behavior for links, and can be achieved on a button with button { cursor:pointer;...
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96 votes
9 answers

Should I have a disabled button or no button at all, if the user doesn't have sufficient privileges for the action?

I would like advice on whether a disabled button is better than no button for a certain UI. Basically, the regular (experienced) users can either comment on an issue or close it; the users with ...
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12 answers

"New" vs. "Create"

For buttons that initiate some content creation interaction, which label is better: "New X" or "Create X"? Are there specific uses that in which one is better than the other?
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90 votes
13 answers

What is the opposite of Cancel?

I am working with order page. When the user presses on Cancel Order button, he should choose one of the following: Cancel order. (opposite of cancel) order. (this choice means don't do anything with ...
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87 votes
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Why is the "Record" icon always round and usually red?

I've been wondering why the symbol for 'record' is universally (AFAIK - has anyone seen exceptions?) a circle and usually red. Cameras, VCRs, voice recorders, smartphones, web apps... I've seen cases ...
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15 answers

How to make text look *not* clickable

Problem: I am currently building a textbook exchange website as pictured below. During beta testing users kept trying to click the three snippets of text under the logo ("6 books listed," &...
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86 votes
12 answers

How do rounded corners affect usability?

How do rounded corners on buttons and containers affect usability? Do they make buttons look more clickable? When used on other non-button elements, do they make the site look more friendly? I'm ...
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Do you need a search button with a search box?

On websites with a search box, should you add a button they can click on, or will users understand a search box like on this site? The target group is not very technical, such as women aged 40-60.
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8 answers

Default cursor on mouse over of a button is not a hand pointer

Why is the default cursor an arrow when you hover over an HTML <button>? I always thought that arrows let you select stuff, but hands let you execute an action. Since buttons execute actions, ...
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8 answers

Should we use 'Title Case' or 'Sentence case' for headlines and buttons?

I am wondering if we should use Title Case or Sentence case for buttons and headings in websites and web/mobile apps? Title Case: Manage my Account Delete my Account Sentence case: Manage my account ...
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73 votes
9 answers

Does a form with continuous save need a "Save" button?

I am designing a web-app with a lot of forms and i was wondering how to improve the filling. The classical pattern is : fill, fill, fill, Save Have you experimented a form which auto-save each field ...
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29 answers

Examples of placebos in UI design?

This is purely a curiosity question but one I thought would be a bit interesting. Is anyone aware of placebos in use on popular web sites or applications? Either intentionally or unintentionally? ...
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11 answers

Submit and Reset button, what's the best order?

In a form with a Submit and a Reset button and the end, what's the best order for the user experience ? Submit first ? Or Reset first ?
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5 answers

What is the optimum button size of touch screen applications?

There was a not so recent blog post about the ideal button size of touch screen control sizes (sorry there is no link, the website is now a spam trap) that was based on the study form the MIT touch ...
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10 answers

Should I add a redundant "Cancel" option? [duplicate]

The user starts an action, and, afterwards, the system determines that some special condition is present which warrants further confirmation from the user: download bmml source – Wireframes ...
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10 answers

Is a cancel button necessary in a web form?

Personally I have never used it. I don't put information in a form and then decide everything needs to be cleared. I would edit one field. Plus cancel in a UI suggests canceling an action which is in ...
65 votes
12 answers

Why did early telephones use a rotary dial instead of 10 individual buttons?

I was watching a video of little kids trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone, and it was not immediately clear to any of them how the rotary mechanism was supposed to work. That got me ...
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61 votes
11 answers

Submit Buttons on the Left or the Right?

We have been puzzling over where to put the submit button, on the left or the right. In researching, we noticed that many sites put buttons on the bottom right in dialogue boxes, and on the bottom ...
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6 answers

What's the point of a "Read full story" button?

I've noticed a lot of news websites, particularly on mobile, sometimes will cut off their story with a button you have to click to see the rest of it. I can understand why they'd do this if they ...
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57 votes
15 answers

What are the differences between buttons and links?

What are the differences between buttons and links?
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54 votes
9 answers

Is there a universally recognizable "Download" button?

I was trying to download software from a website below (I white-outed the software name, etc.): At first, I couldn't figure out which was the download button. The first button up top was painfully ...
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12 answers

Why don't most elevator panels let you unselect?

We've all seen it in the movies where a kid will push all the buttons in an elevator. We've all likely done it - accidentally hit the wrong floor. There's no unselect after you select a floor in an ...
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9 answers

How can I make monochrome icons work?

My company has just implemented a monochrome icon theme in an attempt to transition to a more "modern" interface. Feedback from the first round of user testing has been mixed: Almost everybody ...
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51 votes
10 answers

Alternatives to checkboxes and radio buttons in web-based surveys?

I've been tasked with designing a simple questionnaire design with a lot of different types of questions. I've been taking a lot of web-based surveys myself as well as testing some with users. The ...
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51 votes
6 answers

Should I provide feedback from a save button?

I'm currently in the process of developing a Windows Application which produces Word Documents. In the program there is the ability to save your progress (different to the "Save as a Word ...
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48 votes
17 answers

Should the OK/Cancel buttons be aligned right or centered?

Where should I put the OK/Cancel buttons on my dialogs? At the bottom centered or aligned right? I've seen both and I personally don't care, but I want to create a consistent look across my ...
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48 votes
5 answers

Do disabled buttons still need to be contrast compliant for accessibility?

Very related to this question: Accessible Disabled State but that is about how to style disabled buttons to make them accessibility compliant, but my question is slightly different. Is it actually an ...
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48 votes
3 answers

Do users understand the browser back button?

You hear a lot about not breaking the back button on websites, but can you assume that most users know and use the back button? Is it redundant to add a JavaScript or HTML back button/link on a page? ...
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47 votes
21 answers

Do I really need a login button?

We've been having a discussion in the office surrounding a login page we're developing for a new web application. The web application is in intranet-based application, and is mainly used by users who ...
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4 answers

What is a button supposed to look like?

Buttons used to be easily identifiable. Not anymore. Some buttons today are not immediately identifiable as buttons. And with some it's unclear whether they are enabled or not. But the old buttons ...
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22 answers

Button for "Play, but from beginning" for a scrubber UX [closed]

Consider a typical video-editing style timeline: There's the usual Play button: a right arrow. There's the usual Pause button: two bars. -----------------|----------- > || However, I ...
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6 answers

Why would you use 2 alternate layout buttons instead of 1, when only one can be selected at once

I was looking at the Spotify desktop app and noticed they use two buttons for displaying an artists albums in either a Grid layout or a List layout See below: If only one layout can be selected at ...
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7 answers

How to make irregularly shaped objects / elements look clickable?

On our homepage, we have these irregularly shaped elements that are clickable above the fold (actual images are not cats, just for demo): And this is how it's ...
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2 answers

Why don't ATMs show blank arrows for unused buttons? [closed]

Have you ever had trouble lining the arrows up with the correct button on ATM consoles and other similar interfaces? Height of user can affect perceived alignment, as well as poor installation or ...
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43 votes
9 answers

Dealing with long-title buttons

I have buttons for very specific actions. That ends up with button labels like "Send/Receive all data from sources" or "Create predefined calculated channels". Each button has also an icon that goes ...
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2 answers

What rules does Google use to make a button gray, blue, or red on their sites?

This has been an elusive topic, and I haven't yet been able to form my own conclusion about what Google's reasoning is to make a given button blue, red, or gray, given their latest design ethos. Take ...
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4 answers

Button changing its text & action. Good or terrible?

After the user Registers for an event (he goes to cart and pays, etc.) the next time he visits the page, the event for which he registered now shows a less emphasized Unregister button, which does the ...
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9 answers

Documentation - do we "Click", "Push", "Press" or "Select" a button on a touch-screen interface

I'm writing some documentation for a web-based application that will run on Android tablets at the factory at which I am employed. I am having trouble wording the steps where the users must interact ...
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