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What's the name of this business model and what's the cognitive mechanism involved?

The business model I'm referring to is quite common nowadays: SAAS businesses offer free access to their product or service without any barriers, except for limits on usage. Once they have amassed a ...
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Multiple websites vs single website when client's businesses overlap

I work for a company that has many hotels in the country and a website where it is possible to check information about them and book a room. The hotels have many good restaurants (2 or 3 per hotel in ...
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What's the best way to dynamically hide/show form elements when a user enters a value in a text/number field?

Context I work for a company that designs financial management software, and I've been asked to provide some redesigns for an expense rule builder. It allows users with admin privileges to set limits ...
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What is the difference between 'Business Objective' and 'Business Requirement'? [closed]

I am currently learning how requirement gathering is done. However I am trying to understand the difference in documentation between business objective (the things that must be done) and business ...
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How to ask on a registration page if user is private or business

I have both business users and private individuals registering for my service. I would like to start targeting them differently so in the registration process I want to add a question (under email, ...
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Is it better to display and review the business information on the review page step or should it be presented in a step after selecting a business?

I am trying to design a business contractor licence application process. Before starting the application(the stepper), the user has to select and confirm which business account the licence is for. The ...
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