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A browser is software to present content on a web site.

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Why do browsers clear address bar when server could not be reached?

Why do browsers clear the address bar if the navigation was canceled while connecting? When I enter an address into a browser and press enter, and then cancel (ESC) while the server is still being ...
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Statistical breakdown of use of naked vs www and http vs https when users type URLs?

When users type URLs into the browser (i.e. in order to visit a web page), of the 6 possible permutations, what is the percent of the time that each permutation is entered? http://example....
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msedge - get feedback for horizontal tab groups

Vertical tabs in browser edge Currently microsoft-edge has vertical tabs Proposal for horizontal tabs I would love to have the groups as normal horizontal tabs. Each Group would render one tab. ...
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Has there been research into user behaviour on clipboard hijacking in browsers?

There is a number of questions on the likes of super user asking to disable clipboard hijacking such as this question. Personally I hate when sites do this and have a feeling it's partly because ...
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