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Browse and select files from already uploaded files within the web application

I am building an web application. There are a big number of files (>100) already uploaded in a web folder (different from current flow). I want to let the user select to browse a few of them (<...
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2 answers

Offering same functionality on browse and details page?

I’ve two pages: browse (parent) and details (child). Browse has a list of items, displaying the name and some other meta data (description, owner, upload date, etc.). Clicking on an item opens the ...
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2 answers

How to show similar products in search or browse page of an e-commerce mobile app?

Attaching a screen shot for reference which is not a very intuitive approach, in this you have to long press on the product image thumbnail for the similar products bottom sheet to appear. I thought ...
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Do users know what "browse" and/or "browser" mean?

A long time ago I saw a show on TV where they asked random people on the street if they knew what a "browser" was (they didn't). I thought there was more information about that and about the term "...
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Where to place output button below file field

I have multiple function which includes one or two file as inputs and a file as an output. I am not sure how to align the output button. Right align with the browse button of the field Left align ...
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Type of screen/UI pattern?

What is the common name for this type of marketplace browsing landing page? I'm looking for inspiration for the UI (and interactions patterns) for this type of screen - a marketplace landing page ...
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Browse products - search results page

I'm having some trouble thinking of a way to present a browse products feature on the search results page. The main problem is how best to display a product which sits in two different categories. ...
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How to include 2 different types of user behavior on a dashboard / home?

So I'm currently facing a problem where a logged-in user should be able to do 2 (completely) different actions on 1 page (view): Browse products Respond to "product-requests" (searches from other ...
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