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Questions tagged [breadcrumbs]

"Breadcrumbs" or "breadcrumb trail" is a navigation aid used in user interfaces. It allows users to keep track of their locations within programs or documents.

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In breadcrumbs, how to name a selected entry/location with no clear name?

Imagine a breadcrumb like this: Example: Projects > "My Project" > Accounts > "Hans Muster" > Details (If we omit "Details" (the current location) or not, is ...
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2 answers

Icon or text for "home" in a breadcrumb?

What is a better way to convey the home position in a breadcrumb - "home" as text or an icon representing a home? An argument for the sake of an icon would be that a picture is easier to ...
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Breadcrumbs with action menu - what are the best practices?

I am curious about best practices for visualizing additional actions in breadrumbs. Details: the user should be able to copy the IDs of the elements from the breadcrumbs. Is it a good way to add such ...
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