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"Breadcrumbs" or "breadcrumb trail" is a navigation aid used in user interfaces. It allows users to keep track of their locations within programs or documents.

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Breadcrumbs: OK to use on mobile site?

Wondering if anyone has thoughts on using breadcrumbs as a method of navigation on a mobile website (for a content site). The breadcrumbs would show the heirarchy of the site as such: Site > ...
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Better approach to blue/underlined for link?

We have a web application that allows users to query a database. The results are returned in a breadcrumb style interface. We brought this change in at a new version, and assumed it was self-...
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Should 'Home' be included in website breadcrumbs?

This may vary based on your site hierarchy and IA but when configuring breadcrumbs should they include home or stop the first filter (categories, for example). Which is better? I have seen both used ...
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Would Breadcrumbs be effective if they incorporate Dropdowns?

I'm currently thinking about adding a quite comprehensive section to a website: the section I'm talking about starts at level 3 of the overall website and itself has another four structural levels. ...
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Multiple breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs allow users to keep track of locations within websites. They show the path used to achieve the resource. But if the resource could have different categories, has the sense to create ...
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Is a back button a good idea for mobile?

Is a back button a good idea for mobile? (Disregard breadcrumbs on mobile in the image - those are addressed here Breadcrumbs: OK to use on mobile site?)
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Combining breadcrumb and selected facets/filters into one

Given a site with faceted-search, etc. I want to display the facets a user has selected, not only as part of the faceted-navigation controls (left vertical) but also at the top of the page. Showing ...
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Breadcrumbs - what should they display?

I'm sorry for the mysterious question, I'll do my best to explain here. I do get the idea of breadcrumbs in general. But what should I do, if there a few ways for the user to get to one location? For ...
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Where to place the '< Back' link or button?

I am building a simple transactional site with two step process both on web and mobile (responsive). Target users both male & female age from 30-40 relatively tech savvy. First page is a ...
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Are breadcrumbs still in?

Despite NNGroup's praise, I notice none of the big players (StackExchange, Facebook, Google, YouTube) use breadcrumbs. None of the big ecommerce players either. Why is this? Possible guesses: Users ...
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Where is the Best Placement for Breadcrumb, top or bottom?

Usually I see that every website put their breadcrumb on the top, but apple put their breadcrumb on the bottom before the footer. Does that work better than when we put it on the top?
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What is the name of the breadcrumb/workflow UI component?

What is the correct/best name for the UI component which acts like a breadcrumb trail but also indicates where the user is in a defined series of steps? You see it all the time, something like: ...
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How to use breadcrumbs in a responsive layout?

I would like to use breadcrumbs on my responsive site. Breadcrumbs become less recognisable if the links wrap as the layout is then less recognisable. This creates an issue for my site as the width ...
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Breadcrumb or tabbed form or best of both?

We have a web application that allows users to query a database. The results are returned in a breadcrumb style interface. We brought this change in at a new version, and our users have been ...
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Should breadcrumb menus ever be two lines?

Should a long breadcrumb menu ever spill into a second line? If so, what are some good examples of this done right so that it looks decent? If not, what are other solutions that can solve the length ...
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2 answers

Should nodes without pages be included in breadcrumbs?

Often times there will be nodes in a navigation tree that do not warrant a page, as their main function is to categorize the content found beneath them. When a breadcrumb nav is present on a site, ...
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Is there evidence that users ever look to a website's URL as a breadcrumb for navigation?

On-the-page breadcrumbs often mirror the directory path anyway. To my mind, it stands to reason that that clear, human-readable, hierarchical URLs can enhance a site's usability[1]. But I have no idea ...
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Should breadcrumbs contain non-navigation elements

I am working on an admin interface which uses a left menu as well as a breadcrumb at the top of the page. I have items grouped into different levels in the menu as below: In this menu, "...
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Is there a better solution to interact with multiple pathways that have the same endpoint, than using multiple breadcrumbs inside tabs or a dropdown?

I need to convert data of a structure similar to this: into an interactive, HTML widget. This widget will allow users to start from the end node (which I'm calling 'shirley' here) and work back ...
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Breadcrumb for Homepage/Landing

The site I'm making - and as a lot others do - has a unique homepage, which is more like an index to the site than a part of it; imagine an exclusive (and loud) layout scheme, elements, content, all ...
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Breadcrumbs for Mobile

We are designing a responsive site and I was wondering if we need to use breadcrumbs for mobile version. I did some research and most of big brands don't use breadcrumbs on their mobile site but I ...
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