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Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers or organizations

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Is there data on what types of names make your software memorable?

Forgive me if this is considered off topic, I looked through all of the stack exchange sites and this seemed like the closest fit. If someone can recommend a more appropriate site, let me know and I'...
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Questions to ask to understand what key messages resonate with your customers

I'm about to conduct some user interviews to understand better about our customers full journey (both inside and outside our platform) as well as what key messages from a branding/marketing ...
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Like some opinion on designing for SaaS platform

I'm in charge of UX/UI of a range of applications for a big HR player and they like to market their applications as a set of modules in a SaaS platform model. I'm keeping UX consistent over all ...
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Best experience for the user when loading up an iframe

We're integrating our app into the Salesforce platform. For now, for this first version, we are simply loading up an iframe into Salesforce. From a UX standpoint, would it be better to: A. Style the ...
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Should the logo color be used in the application theme color?

I want to ask if it is okay to have different color between logo and mobile application theme color? The logo color is too bright for application theme color, so I choose the similar color but darker. ...
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Positioning two brands' logos on application header

I am designing an application where I have two brands' logos to be displayed on the header. Positioning two brand logos next to each other looks odd. Which is the best way to position the logos on ...
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