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Rethinking the header - its visual weight and its navigation purposes

Introduction: A web site's navigation menus usually get placed at: a) the top area of a web page - filling the header, that is; b) the top (the header), on demand - by means of a hamburger menu button;...
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Fixed desktop navigation at the bottom

Navigation at the bottom on mobile is quite popular. However, it hasn't been adopted on desktops much. Is there a reason other than users know to look at the top? Obviously, for a government or big ...
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Bottom navigation: Colour on selected text? [closed]

Why is it so common that at bottom navigation many apps choose a highlight colour that is hard to read? Why don't they use a different colour to highlight and a different colour for the text? Is it ...
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App Navigation: Bottom Navigation Bar vs Bottom App Bar?

Bottom navigation Bottom App Bar These are the two options when thinking about the bottom navigation for an Android App. What are the use cases for both? When should one be used over the other?
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App/homepage bottom bar with social/contact buttons looking similar to Android navigation bar. Problem?

The context is a single page webapp which will also be served as a webview Android app. The target audience is 18+. As it is designed right now, the social/contact icons are placed in a fixed footer/...
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What's the best way to navigate 300+ food orders in a dashboard?

I'm working on a dashboard for restaurant kitchen. This will handle incoming set meal requests that are initiated on the waiters tablet as they take the customers order. it will be viewed on a tablet ...
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How do you pick the right function to be in the bottom menu?

Im currently designing a student portal mobile application. It got a lot of functions; 1. frequently used (academic, timetable, assignments) 2. seldom used (fees, library) and 3. others that are not ...
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What are the UX Patterns for complimentary roles in a mobile app?

Consider an application where there are two parties with different roles that co-operate with each other. For example, rider and driver in a ride sharing scenario, or a client and a coach in sports ...
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Bottom Navigation with only 2 destinations

According to the Material Design Guidelines the usage for Bottom Navigation recommends three to five destinations ( Was just wondering what ...
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Making bottom navigation dynamic based on app features enabled?

Our mobile app is feature based, so a user may have 1-4 of the bottom navigation items enabled on their account. Is best practice to hide the menu options that are not enabled or to keep it static and ...
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Is a bottom sheet dialog "unfitting" for navigation?

Edit: I posted an answer below containing various attempts based on the ideas provided here. I am developing an application with a somewhat special main screen, from where the app is divided into two ...
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Is it a norm in android apps to only have bottom navigation only on parent activities

I have checked multiple apps, and in most of them, bottom navigation is only visible on parent activities, when i go in any inner activity bottom navigation goes away, so my question is that is there ...
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Is it okay to use both nav drawer and bottom nav in home screen of an android app?

I am developing app, my home screen looks like below (using both navdrawer and bottom nav simultaneously) I used bottom nav, because I wanted to give user the easy access to the higher level ...
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Is the tab bar generally accessible from subpages on iOS?

The answer at this StackOverflow question clearly explains that the Material Design guidelines recommend showing the bottom navigation (or tab bar, as iOS calls it) on subpages. Is the same practice ...
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Is a floating, collapsible bottom navigation bar a good pattern on mobile web?

I’m working on a mobile web app that has two pages (tabs) of equal importance. As the user will switch between the two frequently, I’m worried that displaying a classic navigation bar at the top of ...
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Navigation rules for bottom tab bar

I'm working on a mobile app which has a bottom navigation bar. There are 3 tabs: Payments Home Settings When I am on the home section I have a menu, where I can go deeper, inside this section: ...
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UX issue with questionnaire

We are developing a questionnaire for enterprise size company. Each staff member should periodically (annually, semi-annually) complete this questionnaire to reveal their compliance in various areas: ...
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Multistep/page form navigation best practices?

I think that making a multipage form navigation is not so simple as it seems, especially for next/prev buttons. Generally, within a multipage form (for example a cart, but in my case I've got a HUGE ...
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What should happen when the user clicks on the android 'back' button

I've been seeing this behavior differently in different apps. Is there any certain navigation axioms related to this? I would like to know which of them is ideal/most preferred. The application has 5 ...
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What you guys think about bottom tab bar for mobile versions of websites? [duplicate]

I would like to hear what you think about bottom tab bar for mobile versions of websites. It is called bottom navigation bar too. Here an example: I am trying to use it to ...
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Best bottom navigation elements order?

I'm creating the prototype of a mobile app, and I decided to include a bottom navigation bar. I'm trying to figure out what is the best order for the elements on the bar (in my case: home, ...
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Tab navigation: top-level and second-level targets, how to deal with them?

My question is quite straight forward, however difficult to explain. I assume we are all familiar with tab navigation, in my case I'm dealing with bottom-navigation but it's not really relevant for ...
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IOS & Android - Should tap bars be persistent and always visible?

I'm working on an Android & IOS app and have a question regarding the tap bar. The information architecture will be 2-level deep. Both platforms will have a tap bar fixed at the bottom of the ...
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Is it ok to use Bottom Nav Bar with Tabs for sub-level?

I am trying to design and app with Material design which has 6 top level destinations and 4 of them have sub-levels. Is it ok to use Bottom nav bar for 5 of them and put 6th one in side navs along ...
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Responsive web app, bottom tabs for secondary navigation or primary actions?

I'm building a web app that I need to be fully functional for all devices, so I've built it from the ground-up as a mobile-first responsive web app. I already use a hamburger and left nav for main ...
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For a Bottom Navigation Bar, should it be hidden if there is a link with one of the pages?

Let's we have an app that allows a user to view daily content from a specific user (think of it as a personalized blog app). This app has a Bottom Navigation Bar (iOS or Android) with 5 buttons which ...
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Persistent bottom sheets in material design

I'm designing an application with a bottom navigation. In one of the views the user may click on a floating action button which opens a page containing a form to fill; and this form page I'm ...
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