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Many preview and beta tags sidebar

I have many preview and beta tags(labels) on my sidebar which I want to represent with minimal distraction of view. Currently they are all over the place. Any suggestion to represent this in much ...
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showing to users that the site is in beta and things might break

We are planning to launch a new site to the public for testing and initial feedback. We're wondering about how to let users know that things might break. Currently, we're thinking of adding a banner ...
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What are the best user research practices when launching a beta site with a very small # of first users?

I believe it is a good idea to conduct user interviews to understand experience of first users soon after they try out the site. What are some types of helpful question examples that might be relevant?...
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How many users for a Beta product?

We are going to present the option to try the Beta version of our product to a sample population but we don't know how to calculate to how many of our users should we release it? Should I use the same ...
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Success and Failures of Alpha/Beta release

We have been building a new digital product (cross-platform mobile app) from the ground up and through the prototyping and development phases we have conducted user studies on the usability of the ...
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Denoting web application as a "beta"

Remember the days when every Google product was in beta? What happened? This labeling has fallen out of favor. My hunch: users don't care if a product is in beta. When is it ok to display the software ...
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User feedback strategies during app beta

I am about to get my Android app in beta and am weighing two different strategies Show users the full set of app capabilities even though I suspect that some of them are redundant and then ask them ...
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Usability Study in Beta Testing Period

When do you think is the perfect time to conduct usability testing on your beta testing period? Is it at the early stage, before they get their hands on the product? Or in the middle of the beta ...
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Best practice for informing users of upcoming features

We are currently in the private beta stage of an Agile project delivering an internally facing information application for a client. This is a replacement for a much older legacy system which is ...
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How do usability testing and beta testing intersect?

I am currently the sole UX designer on my product team and have been tasked with coming up with a strategy and schedule for our upcoming beta programs for testing a new hardware product and ...
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What do you call a website which is not in beta, but a re-launch with possible teething problems?

We are launching a new website soon. We have ran some beta versions to users, but we are going to finally press the button, turn off the old one and only have the new website. I want to let users ...
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Involving end users with UAT for software development

I just had a project manager and developers request we use end-users for User Acceptance Testing. They want end-users to try and break the software prior to launch. This really caught me off guard. ...
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Delivering updates: Separate beta channel or staged rollouts?

Let's say I have a program with an automatic-updating feature. When I'm shipping a new update, I can do either of the following (or both): Provide a beta channel for advanced users to test the latest ...
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Best strategy to gather feedback for beta android app

I am working on a product that will soon release a beta android app, not through google play, but just sending the apk around to a couple of people. I am now looking for ways to gather user feedback ...
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Any "non-tangible" elements of user experience to consider?

Remember that facebook launched on iterations in an only-university-user rollout? This made facebook an elite platform that only users from prestigious universities could use (and of course, by the ...
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How to drive conversion in a website?

I've built a website for a startup. The websites purpose is to convert the visitors (mostly iPhone developers) to register to the beta of the SDK that the website presents. Out of about 100 visitors ...
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BETA release user survey

We are doing a limited BETA release of our application and have been asked to create a online survey for the users to complete at the end. I am not a fan of the survey approach to gathering ...
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