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The study of how people make decisions, cognitive limitations and biases, and the application thereof to influence behavior. See also gamification.

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What's the name of this business model and what's the cognitive mechanism involved?

The business model I'm referring to is quite common nowadays: SAAS businesses offer free access to their product or service without any barriers, except for limits on usage. Once they have amassed a ...
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Rewards System: Points or Money?

Scenario We have a soon to launch app which includes a rewards system. These rewards are real money, so a direct Rewards Balance: $xxxx should suffice (in theory). Basically put, rewards are a real ...
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What amount of actions should a user perform to earn privileges

My question is related to "virtual economy system" so it's kinda political. I have a question and answer website like SE, however, there are both free and paid questions. An OP can devote money to ...
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Survey incentives

Not sure if UX is the right place for this, but it is partly a behavioral economics question so I hope I'm in a reasonable place. For a survey prize draw, has there been any research done to assess ...
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How to validate reviews?

I'm in a situation where there is no accounts. There is only offer-centers (which need quality ratings) and offer-takers. Every time an offer is taken a transaction is taken there is evidence of it, ...
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Online shop - difference between reduced price and new price. Which one should be more visible?

New price = reduced price Old price = old, bigger price This is how i see the process: See New price Evaluate option to buy See Old price Evaluate option to buy with price difference as incentive. ...
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Do users come back after looking for a promo code?

An answer to a question on whether promo codes do more harm than good, mentioned that 27% of users will abandon a shopping cart to look for a promo code. As a follow-up, are there any statistics or ...
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What motivates people to keep on sharing ideas, develop new concepts and innovate on online innovation communities? [closed]

I'm very interested in crowd-sourcing and online innovation communities. Currently, I'm conducting research on what motivates users to continue sharing ideas, developing concepts, funding projects and ...
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Evaluation period with or without license key?

Are there any studies that indicate whether there is a negative effect of requiring users to apply for and enter a license key to e.g. a 30 day evaluation of (non-SaaS) software? My feeling is that ...
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What is the name for the technique used on Yammer, LinkedIn etc profile pages?

The technique I mean is where the profile page will say "You have completed 60% of your profile, fill in your x, y and z to get to 100%". I think this is a very powerful technique but I can't remember ...
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Do progress bars help completion rates?

I'm expanding on a question I posed in comments on How do you indicate progress to users in a multi-step form?. Roland made the comment "because everybody wants to reach 100% percent" when discussing ...
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