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Questions tagged [axure]

popular wire-framing software package - also used for creating prototypes.

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Axure: Is there a way to swap objects on mouse enter? [closed]

Ive created dynamic objects which need to swap over on the mouse enter interaction; what is the best / easiest way to accomplish this?image 1
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What's a good way to show people that they can swipe on an app [duplicate]

I'm trying to give people a visual clue that they're able to scroll left and right inside of an app for the iPhone. I tried to show that you're able to scroll left and right by having a tiny part of ...
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Axure's worth in responsive design

I'm just wondering on the wider audience views on how worthy using prototype tool Axure is when designing a responsive site. I have project where the deliverable is a responsive site. However, I'm ...
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Placing Adobe pdf into Axure [closed]

Is there a way to place Adobe assets into Axure? I am hoping to place an InDesign-generated pdf into Axure, but placing an indesign or illustrator file directly would be great too.. However, I cannot ...
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Need help with create "Change History" interface

Looking for some help on an interface I am working. Just to give some background, the basic requirement of this page is that users need to be able to see any edits and changes that have been made by ...
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Is there a Software that allows me to track user progress through a mockup?

I want to build a clickable mockup for a game tutorial, i.e. a series of screenshots the user can go through to simulate the tutorial. The path through the mockup is non-linear, e.g. at one point the ...
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How to create text-shadow in Axure [closed]

My Goal Im using Axure for prototyping and I've created widgets which reflect my application UI. One thing I would like to achieve is the ability to add text-shadow onto certain elements, without ...
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Axure Checkbox Interactions, 3 Cases: None Checked, 1 Checked, or 2+ Checked? [closed]

I have a list of checkboxes, and I would like to tie them to a dynamic panel in a specific way: If no checkboxes are selected, display a Dynamic Panel's state 0. If only one (any) checkbox is ...
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Tips & Tricks - Working with Axure & Fireworks Combined [closed]

I've used Adobe Fireworks for a number of years for wireframing and hi-fi prototypes. However, I have recently switched over to Axure, as the team i'm working in uses it quite heavily. I was ...
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Based on your experience, what are the capabilities and limitations of Axure? [closed]

Just started playing around with Axure, an integrated development environment for wireframes, prototypes, and specifications. Already I'm wondering why there's not integration for: business ...
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