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What is the best way to show the number of users in a table?

In your opinion, what is the most clear and fastest way to see the number of members that belong to a specific team? 1- Just having the number 2- Having avatars, where you can mouse hover to see the ...
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Visibility of live chat bubble

I have been asked to find out if there's any pattern when it comes to the live chat bubble display. The thing is we currently keep visible not only the Hubspot bubble, but also an extra layer with an ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to differentiate between a chat bot and a live chat agent on customer support live chat

I'm designing a live chat feature which uses a combination or live agents and chat bots to answer the users questions. My question in what ways can i help the user differentiate between a chat bot ...
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Best choice for avatar, where user data is sensitive?

I'm serving a web app where user data is pretty sensitive. An ID number and full name is the only personal data given. However, since users are all students and many will be managed by an ...
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1 vote
3 answers

What benefits are user avatars offering?

Lets say you have a website that has absolutely no social interactions between the users, your users usually visit the site to use different tools they get offered by being a member or read up on ...
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2 answers

gender differences in responses to types of user avatars

I'm not a UX designer by profession but I am currently working on something that requires a lot of considerations of usability. Currently, I'm trying to implement an avatar system that users will see ...
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The 'uncanny valley' of artificial intelligence in an interface

It took a while before the research and discussion around human intelligence evolved from the basic IQ based testing and evaluation to what is now a multi-dimensional view of intelligence from aspects ...
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