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use this tag for questions related to authentication in the context of security

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8 answers

How to tell a user their login credentials are incorrect?

When a user has entered incorrect details into a login form, is it better to tell them: The username or password you have entered is invalid. or The username you have entered is invalid (for ...
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11 answers

Should users be allowed to use any special character they want when creating a password?

I came across a number of login configuration settings where there is a list of allowable special characters and was wondering: Does this limitation cater for a specific security or usability need? ...
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6 answers

Forcing users to use a particular pattern for passwords

Many websites, specially government ones, enforce users to use a password which conforms to particular criteria. For example: use between 8-13 characters with at-least one integer and one capital ...
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4 answers

Business application: Is it better to redirect or pop-up for re-authentication?

This question is geared for a line of business application someone would pay for, not a general public facing website. Is it better to redirect for authentication/re-authentication or show a pop-up? ...
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10 answers

Is there any advantage of signup before login with social plugins?

I am building a site and was thinking about if there should be a signup option at all. I found the question about the difference between sign up and log in with Facebook/Google/etc but there was ...
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3 answers

Is offering more than one openid/social-sign-in option a good idea?

Lots of sites nowadays offer the option to log in via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on, and sometimes a standard username/password option as well. While this goes a long way toward helping users ...
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21 votes
5 answers

Is a "Login Successful" Message Necessary?

On an informational/forum website (say, similar to a StackExchange site), is it necessary to show a "login successful" message? Clarification: On the site in question, the users can log in by ...
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20 votes
5 answers

Whats more user friendly local authentication or remote authentication (OpenID, OAuth)

From a usability perspective only (not security), what do users find more comfortable? A site with its own login page (need to sign up but then easier to login; or a site with remote authentication (...
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14 votes
3 answers

Is it bad practice not to allow users to create an account (versus OAuth or OpenID)?

When creating a website is it poor practice not to give users the option to "create an account"? Especially with rapid development, it seems more secure with less effort to offload authentication. ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Dealing with Connected Social Accounts and Potential Orphans

Our application has the following signup paths: Twitter Connect Facebook Connect Email/Password Once you signup with one, you have the option to connect either both social account (in the case of an ...
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9 votes
4 answers

How many incorrect attempts should be allowed before invalidating a password?

I am trying to prevent brute force attacks on a user's account by invalidating a password when too many attempts are made in the same minute, hour, day or something similar. The credentials in this ...
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9 votes
5 answers

Why would you, for a local authentication site, have usernames, instead of using e-mail address to login?

In websites where authentication is local, or mixed local and remote (e.g. OpenID), I still often see the question for a username. I can very well understand this in the case of twitter, where the ...
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5 votes
4 answers

How to prevent creation of multiple accounts under the same company?

Let's say there's Company ABC and Employee A signed-up for an account under his own email address (e.g. [email protected]). However, let's say Employee B signed-up under the same company but ...
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2 answers

How to request a third-party login within a seperate mobile application

I'm designing a mobile app that requires the user to log-in with their LinkedIn account. I feel I might have cluttered too much info into it, but everything seems to be important. I want the user to ...
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1 answer

Separators in user config screen (Polymer/material) [closed]

I managed to create a usable screen to manage credentials. It's a bit tricky, because users can set login/password pair, as well as Facebook. However, a user could have just facebook, just login/pass, ...
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