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Questions tagged [artificial-intelligence]

Questions about interactions with user interfaces, user interface states or data (or a combination of these) driven or generated by artificial intelligence, from a user-experience standpoint. Questions about artificial intelligence that are not relevant to user experience are off-topic on this site.

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How to highlight fields for an OCR assist without distracting the user from the rest of the form?

Designing an OCR solution to assist healthcare claim assessors in reviewing claims for approval in a telehealth app. It will auto-fill certain fields using the info captured from on document ...
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2 answers

How should an app clarify that you can choose the outcome size only during the first 2 of the 4-step process?

I am working on an app that synthesizes long texts, articles, essays. You paste in the text and the system starts synthesizing. You can choose a size or length for the final format, say Short, Medium, ...
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Switching off AI capabilities/features

This would not have been a relevant question except for the rapid uptake and integration of AI language model capabilities in some very popular software platforms and applications. However, users don'...
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2 answers

Are AI-generated newscasters an example of skeuomorphism? generates authentic-looking "newscasters" to deliver stories. None of the newscasters are real people, but they look and act like real newscasters. This is not an embedded video, ...
4 votes
2 answers

Any trends or examples of how to distinguish between AI and human generated content?

With a lot of AI generated content populating the Internet and its growing presence, it seems socially responsible for individuals, businesses and organizations to provide some disclaimer about the ...
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4 answers

Are there any UX reasons for ChatGPT staggering replies word by word?

I am not a machine learning or artificial intelligence specialist by any stretch. I don't know how the back-end or programming does any of its stuff, and how it generates responses to send back to ...
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How to integrate AI assistance to a regex entry field?

I've got an existing app where users can enter regex expressions that they'd like to match against text to create a "trigger". Players can also add code to these triggers that will get ...
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1 answer

How to avoid the bandwagon effect on users?

Users in a target audience are likely to experience the bandwagon effect because they rely on others' assessment of information. In some domains [1], it is expected that some users are less likely to ...
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1 answer

What's the best control to toggle between three states?

Background I have a list of statements that make up a definition. In this case it's for healthcare so its attributes about a person. Currently, we have a checkbox to allow someone with the knowledge ...
6 votes
6 answers

Should a retail web-site always return the same items for identical searches made by different users?

We supply a large number of products for purchase through our web-site. There is a new initiative to apply a third-party AI product to hijack searches to return products based on both the search term ...
34 votes
11 answers

What is the color of artificial intelligence? [closed]

What is the color of artificial intelligence, or the color which represents AI in the eyes of general public? What is the reason for that? Is there any sociological research on this or related topics?...
2 votes
2 answers

How to design chatbots with the right level of human-like characteristics

The 'uncanny valley' is a known phenomena when it comes to designing robots with human-like features and traits. However, as a previous question suggested, there is not much work done in this area of ...
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QA a Chat Bot Relating to UX/CX [closed]

I've been tasked with checking over a chat bot from a UX/CX perspective. This is the first time I've looked a chat bot from this point of view. What can I do a heuristic analysis and UX baseline ...
9 votes
2 answers

How do people react to voice commands in AI?

I'm looking for documentation on how people react to talking to an artificial intelligence system like, say, Siri (especially now that iOS6 has dictation). How 'comfortable' is it to use voice ...
2 votes
2 answers

Ask users if data is True Positive or False Positive

I'm currently working on a system that manages big data and has a classification AI. However, the AI is not yet optimally trained, and I would like to gather some True Positive (TP) and False Positive ...
4 votes
1 answer

Applications of AI/ML in UX

I've been tasked with looking into potential uses of AI/Machine Learning in our UX department. So far I've found AI that learns users behavior from analysing their patterns of use around the site then ...
3 votes
1 answer

Conversational interface more prominent due to improvement in AI or sub-optimal touch/gesture design on mobile devices?

I have been thinking about whether conversational interfaces are becoming more common due to the fact that we haven't really solved the problem of the small viewing area on mobile devices conflicting ...
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1 answer

The 'uncanny valley' of artificial intelligence in an interface

It took a while before the research and discussion around human intelligence evolved from the basic IQ based testing and evaluation to what is now a multi-dimensional view of intelligence from aspects ...